I Totally funniest

By James patterson

About the book

This book has two books before this books. The first two books were about a kid in a wheel chair names Jamie that overcame his injuries by using comedy. He becomes so funny that he joins a contest called,

"Funniest kid in the world." He got through the competition and now he in the finals, and that is where the this book starts. When he is in the finals, Jamie starts getting more famous and the fame starts to make him change. His grades are bad, his jokes are not getting better, and he is not being nice to his friends and family. Read more to find out what he does?

What is powerful

What I found powerful in this story is that how much you can relate to the characters in the story. At one point in the book, Jamie is getting nervous about his show and he keeps on getting reminded of the finals are. This made me think about how when i am happy, nervous, or scared for something I count down the days. This makes me want to keep on reading.