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Checking Boxes & Taking Names (Sep15)

Here's the Stuff You Should Know about the Media Center for October:

Inventory In September/October I'm doing inventory of the media center collection and school equipment. I have received about 50% of the classroom inventory sheets. Please turn in that blue paper as soon as you can.

Surveys I am setting my program goals with your help this year. If I receive 60% (42) of the surveys by next Friday, every breathing Lutz employee receives a $10 Book Fair Gift Certificate. So far, I have seven.

Book Fair The Scholastic Book Fair returns October 8th-16th. I will be at the state Media Specialist conference on our Conference Night so the fair is a week early. Teacher Preview is Wednesday, October 7th after school.

Laminating I have some fabulous, reliable volunteers this year! (Thank you, Kenyon!) Laurie Raines laminates on Mondays and Wednesdays...and will cut out your items for you. Laminating drop off is in the top drawer in the back room. Look for the green sign.

October Lesson Focus: Digital Citizenship I have a tight schedule with book fair and inventory, but I would like to teach Digital Citizenship October 20th-30th. Visit my scheduling calendar ( to claim your time.

Website Now that I have staff pictures from Strawbridge I don't have a good excuse to put that off anymore. Please forward your bio to me at your convenience. Ask your Grade Level Tech Contact if you need help.

Student Passwords All students Kindergarten through 5th Grade are required to have unique log in/passwords and challenge questions. Our student passwords will be reset soon. As soon as I receive word that the reset has been done I will work with you to get your students set up again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Need something else? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything else. Books, one-on-one technology assistance, programs for students, a pep talk...whatever. I don't like to intrude on your time, but if you invite me to a meeting I will come. (Especially if you have food.)

See you soon!

Julie, Your Friendly Librarian

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