What its like on the Oregon trail

by tyree

Discovers And Explorers

In the 1800 the American west had no cities, no railroads and no cattle ranches have not been invented.

In 1803 president Thomas Jefferson made a secret mission sending people overland to the pacific.

The second major westward expedition was not funded by the government it was backed by the worlds richest man.

Jumping Off

The Missouri river heads west from St. Louis so many emigrants loaded their wagon onto steamships for the upstream journey. Only a few miles outside from independence and almost all emigrants realize that they pack to much things on the wagon for the oxen to push. So their only choice was to throw thing out of the wagon.

The Route West

The total distance they have traveled was 2,000 miles. The first emigrants to Oregon came by ship before the trail was even established. It took 1 year on boat ride and it took 6 months on wagon.

My life on the Oregon trail

the Oregon trail is not fun you have to do a lot of chores you wake up early to go on the trail you help collect Buffalo chips for the fire the kids walk a lot on the trail you can get sick easily if you drink the water from the rivers.