Mrs. Kirchner's 3rd Grade Leaders

November 15, 2015

Salt Dough Landform Models (Help Needed!)

On Thursday your child will be making a model of a landform they have chosen for their research project. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get some volunteers to make batches of dough for this project. Please email me, or send me a note if you are willing to help out with providing dough. Also, if you are willing to make more than one, please let me know how many you will make. Please let me know by Tuesday so I can plan accordingly. Thank you in advance for your support in making this a fun, yet educational experience for your child.

For one batch (one student):

It is 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of flour. Then you gradually add 1 cup of water to the mix. It is recommended to knead the dough for five minutes. My thought is that the dough can be placed in a tightly sealed bag and refrigerated.

We are busy researching landforms! Please feel free to ask your child about the landform they have chosen to study in depth. A trip to the Waynesville Library on a Sunday afternoon would be a great way to enhance their learning! They could bring their own books from the library and use it to increase their knowledge! They will be working in the computer lab a couple days this week to research their landforms in depth!

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Scholastic Book Orders

I am placing new Scholastic Book Order forms in your child's folder on Monday. Books are a great gift for Christmas, so if you would like to order books from Scholastic, please let me know and I will keep it a secret!

I noticed that there was a hardbook about poetry in the 3rd grade order form. We have been studying poetry, so I highly suggest this book!

If you ordered books last month they should be arriving in the next week!

Please note that last year I did a book exchange for Christmas. It was a really great way to celebrate the holdiday as a class. Please be looking for more about this event in the next week.

What's for Lunch?

Monday: Chicken Nuggets or Hamburger

Tuesday: BBQ Sandwich or Chicken Tenders

Wednesday: Ham and Cheese Sandwich (This is the only choice!!!)

Thursday: Sliced Turkey Breast or Ham

Friday: Pizza or Chicken Nuggets

Who's Bringing in Snack?

Monday: Kaitlyn

Tuesday: Will

Wednesday: TJ

Thursday: Kenzie

Friday: Chloe

Thank you again for all the wonderful snacks!

Classroom Jobs

I am making a few changes with the jobs. It has been difficult keeping up with all the different jobs and honestly many jobs are more of a label than a job. So I have decided to only assign the most important jobs and the other students will recieve money towards their account for active participation during the week.

Manager: Kaitlyn ($50)

Assistant Manager: TJ ($25)

(They will be my hallway monitors and bathroom monitors too!)

Lunch Manager: Peyton ($15)

Line Leader: Kyleigh ($15)

Janitor: Tommy ($15)

Messenger: Kenzie ($15)

All other students will receive $5-$10) for the week based on their behavior and participation during the week). I predict most will receive $10 because they are all so wonderful!)

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Monday, Nov. 9th, 9:30am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Wear tennis shoes!

Thanksgiving Meal

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 12:45pm

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Join us for lunch on Thursday for our special Thanksgiving meal. Please note that it is required that you return a form to the school about your attendance. This form went home last week. It is required because the cafeterial wants to prepare enough food for all to enjoy!

Salt Dough Needed Today!

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 8am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

If you are providing dough for our project please have it here Thursday morning! Thank you!


Friday, Nov. 13th, 9:30am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Wear tennis shoes!

Mrs. Kirchner's Contact Information

Please feel free to get in touch me if you have any questions or concerns!