CR West News & Notes ~ Wk 10

To Know God and Make Him Known

Thank You

No man is an island, and if you didn't believe that before beginning to homeschool it probably rings true now!! When I tell someone that I homeschool my children, the response I often receive is, "I could never do that!". That comment always makes me smile and say a grateful prayer to the Lord for introducing me to CC. Our method is to equip parents and encourage children. Even on the days I struggle, I trust that CC is equipping me. That encouragement and equipment comes from each one of you, and I am so thankful for you. I believe that CC is unique in the homeschool world in its methodology, and I am so thankful we have one another. So carry on rope holders, coffee bringers, Facebook encouragers, prayer warriors, and gift givers. We all have a part to play, and I thank God to be on this journey with you!

A Visit from our SR

Colleen will be changing her hat this week from mom to support representative. Colleen is a wonderful asset, and we are blessed to have her on our campus. She will be conducting her biannual site visit this Wednesday, Nov. 30th. Please plan to join us in the fellowship hall at lunchtime to hear Colleen speak.

Second Semester Facility Fee

Each family owes $58 for our second semester facility fee. This is $20 less per family than first semester's fee due to a generous donation from a local business. This donation also covered the facility fee in full for a few of our families. Thanks be to God!

Checks can be made payable to me and are due by Dec. 14th. If you pre-paid your facility fee for the entire year you will be receiving a $20.00 refund--yay! If you are unable to pay the fee by Dec. 14th please speak to me as we may be able to make other arrangements. I must pay our rent to the church by January 11th. Thank you!

Rope Holder Gift Exchange

Last year's mom to mom gift exchange was so fun that we've decided to do it again! :) This year we will conduct a gift exchange between rope holders. Gifts should be in the $10-$15 price range, and we will exchange them during our potluck on December 7th. Last year we posted some gift ideas on Facebook, so I'll try to get that thread started again soon. Merry Christmas!

Kids Gift Exchange

Our kid to kid gift exchange is back again this year! Participation is optional. This year the kids will be exchanging with other kids in their Foundations class. Girls will buy for girls, and boys will buy for boys. Gifts should be new or like new. Gifts will be exchanged in the Foundations class at 11:45 on December 7th. Approximate price range (value) of kid to kid gifts is $5-$10.


Friday, Dec. 2nd, 5:30pm

Local restaurant TBD and then Shopping

Hope you can join us and other CC families around the area for our 1st annual MNO
WHO? CC families and friends for a MNO shopping & meal
WHEN? Friday December 2nd 5:30-9:30 (or show up when you can)
WHERE? 6560 S Broadway, Littleton, CO 80121
Please RSVP here and via the link so other CC families know who's coming and to look for you

The Shop Once, Give Twice Marketplace is just around the corner now!! We are so excited to once again be able to put together this event that allows us to use our Christmas shopping as a way to provide an opportunity for financial self-sufficiency for impoverished women, children and families around the world!

Christmas Potluck Lunch

Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 12pm

550 East Wolfensberger Road

Castle Rock, CO

Please use the Sign Up Genius to sign up. :)