Come and be apart of the creation of our student safety plan

Student Safety Planning Committee

Attention all school stakeholders!!!

This includes Community, Staff, Parents, Teachers, and Students. You are all welcome to come out and join in the planning.


Saturday, Jan. 30th, 2pm

Inspiring Minds Child Development and Family Center

Purpose: Let's Improve Our School!

“When students' social and emotional needs are addressed, they are able to focus on learning. Schools have the opportunity to enrich the lives of their students and staff by engaging the local community in meeting these needs; inviting agencies and organizations into a school to assist with health and wellness efforts can bring about positive outcomes for both groups of stakeholders” (Tasco, p. 1, n.d.). We will be discussing and devising a school safety plan that will benefit all students and families for all students. Our demographics represent students and families from urban and suburban communities. The neighborhoods consist largely of students of Latin and African American ethnicity. The students being serviced are ages 6 weeks to 5th grade.

School Safety Issues

School Safety Issue One: Gang Violence in Neighborhood

Student Impact: Students will be freer to succeed once this safety issue is resolved by allowing them to feel safe when they are on the way to school, going home, out and about in the neighborhood. “Crime, violence, and disorder in schools have become major national issues, as reported in various national surveys of school order and safety; these problems not only endanger students and teachers, but they also prevent teachers from concentrating on teaching and students from concentrating on learning (Hurwitz, p.1, 1996).

School Safety Issue Two: Bullying

Student Impact: Students will be freer to succeed once this safety issues is resolved by knowing that their safety and feelings matter to all school personnel and the bullying of students is zero tolerated giving students a chance to be themselves at school. “The child that is being bullied may feel as if he or she just can’t get away from the people bullying them, like there is just no safe place; bullies need to understand that every action has a consequence and it is not always a good one” (Intlsafeschools.com, p.1, n.d.).

School Safety Issue Three: Hunger

Student Impact: Students will be freer to succeed once this safety issues is resolved because they will not be suffering from hunger during instruction and they can fully study on their lessons. “3 out of 4 public school teachers say that students regularly come to school hungry. 81% say it happens at least once a week” (No Kid Hungry, slide 5, 2015).


2:00- 2:30: Refreshments and meet and greet

2:30-2:45: Opening remarks and purpose from the school leadership

2:45-3:20: Collaborative brainstorming

3:20-4:00: Break into 3 groups to create plans

4:00-4:30: Present plans and make necessary amendments

4:30: Vote on whether we are in favor of the plans for each safety goal

Everyone will be contacted with results (e-mail, automated telephone message, school website update), and we will evaluate whether further planning needs to take place based on the results.

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