Second Grade Happenings

January 29, 2016

Shouts of, "Squirrel!!!!" could be heard from Room 101 this week. We had a furry little visitor trapped in the courtyard outside our classroom that inspired us to take action. We saw it scratching and jumping up on our window last Friday and it was back at it again on Monday. Much to our dismay, he seemed to be frantically looking for food. Following a class discussion, students decided he should be freed. This resulted in our class researching the needs of squirrels and going through the engineering design process. After brainstorming several options, students settled on a ladder baited with popcorn and leaning on the roof to encourage our friend to find a way out. With a lot of help from Mr. Barnette we were able to position the ladder and set up an enticing trail of popcorn. We also set up a "Squirrel Cam" using time lapsed photos on the iPad and are eagerly waiting to see if our plan works! See the pictures below. He took the bait shortly after 4:00PM today! Will he make the to other side? Hopefully we will have evidence on Monday.

Don't forget! Second Grade Author Open House will be February 10th. Join us at 6:15 in the Media Center as your students showcase the hard work they have put into creating a nonfiction book!

Jump Rope for Heart is one week away. Please return all forms and donations by next Friday.

Here's What We've Been Learning

Writers' Workshop

  • Revising and editng

Readers' Workshop

  • Reading a book series and patterns in story elements
Math Workshop
  • Unit 5 Test
  • Types of lines and angles
  • Planning to code with Sphero
Inquiry Workshop
  • Project Save Our Squirrel

Books We've Read

  • Tackylocks and the Three Bears
  • Tacky and the Emperor
  • Three Cheers for Tacky
  • Tacky Goes to Camp
  • Tacky and the Winter Games
  • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Next Up

Readers' Workshop - Collaborative conversations about book series, comparing and contrasting, looking for patterns

Writers' Workshop - Persuasive writing

Math Workshop - Geometry and Sphero programming

Inquiry Workshop - Climate and weather

  • Mon., February 1- P.E.
  • Tue., February 2 - Music
  • Wed.,February 3 - Art, Library Check Out, Early Release Day
  • Thur.,February 4 - Mass Media
  • Fri., February 5 - Jump Rope for Heart

S.O.S. - Save Our Squirrel

How high is the roof? Problem solving at its best.

Putting the Plan into Action