Teaching Writing

What, why, how, and when.

What do teachers need to do to teach grammar well?

1. Scaffolding: Teachers edit writing and make corrections as it is completed. Students do the same for one another in response groups.
2. Modeling: Teachers can edit as a class one piece of writing together, editing individual papers for students to use as models, and using language and speaking in modeling the correct way to say things (transfers directly to writing)
3. Direct Instruction: Figure out which areas students need the most help in and work on that are specifically; use individualized and small groups as well to teach certain skills
(Peregoy & Boyle, 2013)

What do you need to learn (or relearn) in order to teach grammar well?

In order to teach grammar well to my students, I want to make sure I am teaching certain skills the same way they are learning it in their English classes. The consistency makes it easier for students. Grammar was not an area I struggled with very much in school but some rules have changed for writing so I would want to ensure I knew and taught those rules well. (Obviously, run-on sentences might be area I need some guidance in-HA!)

How do you integrate real world, as explained by Miss Brown and in the video Writing on Purpose, into your curriculum and planning? How do you polish brass into silver?

I teach Government to seniors. Government includes learning the structure of government and how certain ideas and concepts influence government but I can make a lot of it relevant by using current news events taking place in the U.S. and my students' home countries. Common Core demands that writing in Social Studies includes argumentative writing and research-based writing, with no narrative writing. Students will continue to learn how to defend what they believe and research and argumentative writing both set students up to be successful in writing and speaking. One of the ways I can polish brass into silver is continuing and integrating some of the techniques and concepts they are learning in English, while also analyzing data and grouping students accordingly.

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What reasons do you give students to write so it is purposeful and has a reason?

-Learn to defend what one believes
-Learn what one believes to begin with
-Learn how to research and find information to back up what one believes
-Continue to practice a skill that students will need when applying for college or a career