Always Keep A Promise And Never Stop Trying

In the book Elijah Of Buxton a boy named Elijah is on a journey to get Mr. Leroy's family out of slavery. Elijah is a fragile boy who is scared of his own shadow. On the Journey to Canada to america, Mr. Leroy has a heart attack and dies. Before dying, Mr. Leroy makes Elijah promise to save his family. At first Elijah was second guessing on the idea. He then said in confidence,"I promise, sir, I promise I'll do it." From their on Elijah never gave up on his journey. "I grabbed Jingle Boy's reins and never looked back. A promise is a promise and I waren't 'bout to let Mr. Leroy down." This shows Elijah's trustworthiness and his will to never give up until he succeeds his promise.

A mission to fulfill a promise and to save a family of slaves.


In the book Elijah of Buxton, a boy named Elijah is the first free born African American. He has a friend named Cooter and he lives with his ma and pa. Elijah also has a grown up friend named Mr. Leroy. Mr. Leroy's family is in America while he is in Buxton, Canada. Mr. Leroy would do anything to free his family from slavery. One day Mrs. Holton (Mr.Leroys boss) finds her slaved husband has died. Mrs. Holton gives the money she has been saving to save her husband to Mr. Leroy. A preacher named Zephariah (who tried to sell Elijah to a carnival) offered to go and give the money to his family to free themselves for Mr. Leroy. Mr. Leroy accepted this offer. The preacher ends up stealing the money and gambling it all away. Mr. Leroy kidnapps Elijah so he can help get the money back. In the process Mr. Leroy ends up having a heart attack and dies. Now Elijah is in America trying to get Mr. Leroys family free and find the preacher to get the money back.

Christopher Paul Curtis

Christopher Paul Curtis grew up in Flint, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan, where he started writing fiction books. His first book was called The Watsons Go to Brimingham in 1963. that book was honored a Newbery award and a Coretta Scott King award. Just like this book. He has also won the Golden kite award his book Bucking the Sarge. The majority of people say this book was his best book/