Dog- Food-Automatic

By: Lacy, Abby, Emily W, Bryce and Alex V

Our product

Our product is called the Dog-Food-Automatic. It's the new and improved way to feed your dog. Your dog will love this product because the food is delicious and healthy! If you buy this product your dog will have a healthy diet! Abby

How our product works

To operate the Dog-Food-Automatic all you have to do is 3 simple steps...

1- Buy the product from Shopko ( or your local store)

2- Put the food that came with the product in the dispenser

3- Set the timer and wait for it to off and feed your dog (Humans can not hear the timer go off because the timer alarm is a dog whistle which is to high to hear) Lacy

Our features

- Fits into any size plug in

- Feeds your dog automatically

- Comes in many colors (blue, black, white, red, green. Other colors available with a extra $4.99 fee.) Alex

Target of People

Our product is geared toward ages 18+ because that is normally the age of people who take care of a dog. It is also geared toward all races, because anybody can own a dog. From Caucasian to Hispanic, anybody could buy this product without having any extra charges. Bryce


Target has a Dog Feeder and there price is: 69.99

Walmart has a Dog Feeder and there price is: 64.95

Petco has a Dog Feeder and there price is: 71.99

Our price is 54.99 so you would save 15.00 from Target's product, 9.96 from Walmart's product and 17.00 from Petco's product. Emily

Celebrity Endorsement

Even the President and his family support our product. Abby

Savings Appeal

If you buy a Dog-Food-Automatic in the next 48 hours you will get one additional product free. (Your additional free product will come in the standard black.) Lacy


Do you trust Veterinarians? Because 8 out of 10 Veterinarians trust the Dog-Food-Automatic to do a good job and take care of your dog! Alex

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