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February 4, 2022

February Updates

We decked out in our red Friday for Heart Health Month! Mrs. Patch shared some heart healthy exercises and activities in P.E. during the week to help introduce students to good, life-long heart health habits. Students were also excited about watching their favorite sports during the Winter Olympics. What a great way to be inspired to lead an active lifestyle!


  • Priority Enrollment continues for current MSA families through Feb. 15. Enrollment fees for returning students will be discounted from $300 to $250 during this priority period.

  • The 2022-2023 financial assistance application through the FACTS Grant/Aid portal will open in March. We will send out information about how to access the application when the portal opens.

  • As a reminder, school closings or delayed starts due to inclement weather are announced on local news Channel 4 WYFF, and notifications are sent out via phone, text, and email through the reverse notification system.

  • The deadline to order Singing Valentines is Thursday, Feb. 10. The forecast looks clear on Monday, Feb. 14, so these musical treats will be delivered by the high school students outside on Valentine’s Day to keep everyone socially distanced!

  • We are designating Monday, Feb. 14 as "Do a Kind Deed Day." Send your special person a card. Check on your elderly neighbor. Volunteer at your favorite charity. Let someone know through your actions that they are loved. ❤

  • The Scholastic Book Fair opens on Friday, Feb.11 in the main office. Families are welcome to shop from 11 am -12 pm and 2 pm - 4 pm through Thursday, Feb. 17.

  • With our COVID Test to Stay program, MSA is still counting on you to notify us when your child is symptomatic or confirmed positive for Covid-19. We will continue to notify families of exposure for you to be aware of situations that may impact your children. This information is vital so that MSA and parents can take the appropriate actions regarding masking, testing, etc.

Have a great week,

Dr. Dana Hill

Dates to Remember

February 7 - Montessori Monday - wear Montessori attire

February 10 - Singing Valentine's orders due

February 11 - Scholastic Book Fair begins

February 14 - Montessori Monday - wear Montessori attire

February 14 - Singing Valentine's delivered on- and off-campus

February 15 - Priority enrollment agreements due

February 18 - Student holiday, all regular programs closed - extended care available IT-PR

February 21 - President's Day, all regular programs closed - extended care available IT-PR

Nurse's Notes

MSA Test to Stay Program:

Effective immediately, MSA will begin to offer a "Test to Stay" (TTS) option in order to promote a safe option for keeping children in school in a safe manner following exposure to Covid 19. This change in our ability to offer this option is due to SC DHEC endorsing the "Test to Stay" program for schools statewide. Our goal has always been to offer a quality Montessori education in a safe and healthy environment. The SCDHEC endorsement and MSA implementing the TTS option will certainly help MSA meet that objective as safely as possible.

Please review the email and TTS information letter that was sent to the MSA community on Tuesday, February 2 regarding the program. In the same email we provided a Test to Stay FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about the program details. The "Attestation Form" mentioned in the program letter was attached to your email and can also be found on our school website ( under the Resources tab - Nurse's Notes. DHEC-provided graphics that summarize the Test to Stay guidance were also included in your introductory email.

The TTS program will be implemented for K-12 students but will include all 3-5 year old Primary aged students due to the Montessori educational model. ***The Infant and Toddler Program will continue to follow previous SC DHEC and DSS guidance with the isolation period (exclusion from MSA) remaining 10 days because they are unable to mask and are not vaccine eligible. We continue to seek further guidance from SC DHEC, apprising them of the challenges faced by families who are affected by these quarantines.

There will be a 10 day quarantine option that will apply for those children whose parents do not want them to test or wear masks. "Test to Stay" is an option for those who want to participate in accordance with DHEC's guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the program option, please email me at

COVID Notification: Should your student(s) or anyone in your household have a diagnosis of Covid positive or a Direct or Indirect contact to a person diagnosed with Covid, please notify MSA immediately. If you are opting to utilize the "Test to Stay" option, all documents and communications should be sent to

Covid Testing for the week of 2/7/22 thru 2/11/22: MSA’s Covid PCR Saliva Testing Pilot Program will continue to be offered. An additional testing day will be offered each week. Testing will be offered most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:30 - 10am. Covid testing will be conducted next week on Monday, February 7, and Friday, February 11, from 7:30 to 10 AM. (Wednesday testing will begin the following week on Feb. 16.) You must be pre-registered and have a QR code. If you'd like to participate and need a registration link and instructions, please email me at ***Please note that dates and times are subject to change.

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Safety Alert: MSA families and visitors, please share the following information with anyone who may be visiting or picking up your student on the MSA campus. We respectfully request that everyone follow the appropriate traffic flow and refrain from entering the exit at the center of campus. All traffic needs to enter the campus at the entrance closest to the MSA Administration Building. This has become a growing safety concern.

Montessori School of Anderson parking lot etiquette:

  • Maintain a slow speed while on the MSA campus
  • Please do not enter the designated exit lanes.
  • Children are to remain buckled in a car seat, booster or seat belt until arriving at the classroom.
  • Drivers are asked not to use cell phones while in pickup lanes.
  • Please remain in the vehicle at all times while in the pickup line.
  • Please do not leave children unattended in the vehicle.
  • Please do not use pickup/drop off time to address issues with teachers
  • Please refrain from parking in carpool lanes. If you need to conduct business on campus, please park in the parking place.
  • Students are welcome in the classrooms at 8 o'clock. Early arrival is provided for parents needing to drop off early.
  • Once school is dismissed, parents are asked to accompany and supervise children at all times while on the MSA campus.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining vehicular and pedestrian safety while on the MSA campus.

Susanna Merriman, RN

Heart Health Awareness - Wear Red Day

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Hearth Healthy Activities

Students in Mrs. Patch's PE class sang a fun song about heart health to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching:"

The heart heroes go marching, lub dub, lub dub.

It was tricky to remember the lyrics but lots of fun!

Heart Health Marching
The Primary students also participated in several other heart-healthy activities and learned how to keep active to stay healthy. The boys below attempted to tap or pat their leg 75 times in a minute to learn how fast the heart beats, and they took turns squeezing youth tennis balls to realize how hard the heart works to pump blood through our bodies.

Upper School Football

The Upper School students began their study of football this week in PE in preparation for next weekend's Super Bowl.
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