Main Office Musings 2-12-16

Inspiring a Community of Learners

101 Ways to Praise a Child

The words and ideas in this week’s Musings are actually from a poster… a poster that used to hang in my classroom and that is now on display in my office. It’s become a “Valentine’s tradition” that I share every year around this time. Habit #4 “Think Win-Win” addresses the need to fill each other’s emotional bank accounts. What better way to “fill someone up” …. (students OR colleagues)…..than to tell them that you care about them? Use one of these phrases or make up your own, but let them know that they are an important piece in your world!- mfw

Wow– Way to Go– You’re Special– Outstanding-Excellent– Great-Good– Neat– Well-done– Remarkable– I knew you could do it– I’m proud of you– Super Star– Nice Work– Looking good– You’re on top of it– You’re catching on– Now you’ve got it– How smart– Good job– That’s incredible– Hot dog– Remarkable job– You’re beautiful– You’re a winner– You make me happy– Hip, hip, hooray– You’re important– Magnificent– Beautiful– Fantastic– You’re on target– You’re on your way– How nice– You’re spectacular– You’re darling– Super– Super Job– Dynamite– You’re fantastic– Awesome– You’re precious– Fantastic job– You’ve discovered the secret– Bingo– Great discovery– You are responsible– You are exciting– You are fun– You’re a real trooper– Marvelous– Terrific– You’re growing up– Outstanding performance– You tried hard– You figured it out– What a good listener– You’re a treasure– You mean a lot to me– You’re a good friend– That’s correct– A big hug– What an imagination– You learned it right– You’re incredible– Now you’re flying– Bravo– Beautiful– I like you– I respect you– You’re sensational– Phenomenal– A+ job– Hooray for you– You’re unique– You care– Creative job– You belong– You brighten my day– Super work– That’s the best– You made my day– I love you– Beautiful sharing– You mean the world to me– You’re important– You’ve got a friend– You’re a joy– You make me laugh– You’re A-OK– My buddy– I trust you– You’re perfect– You’re wonderful– A big kiss– Exceptional performance

And don’t forget…. A smile is worth a thousand words!

To the Warm & Fuzzy Committee.. YOU are the AWESOME ones! Thank you for spreading joy!

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Reminders & Points to Ponder...

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Report cards go home on Friday, March 4th... The window will close at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2nd so that offices may have time for printing. All special area teachers reporting in this marking period should have report cards to classroom teachers by 9 a.m. on Thursday, March 3rd.

iReady testing continues after break. If you have difficulties with log-in, please contact Grace Palermo. iReady parent reports will go home separately and NOT with report card materials.

There will be an optional faculty meeting on Monday, February 22nd at 8:00 a.m. in the North Auditorium.

SIPT meeting on Tuesday 2/23 at 7:45 a.m. in the North Auditorium to answer questions about the PK-5 Unification Task Force.

Please remember to complete ALL information on TransFinder when submitting field trip requests! Thank you!

Please make sure that you are including duty assignments as part of your daily schedule/sub plans so that substitutes are aware that they need to provide duty coverage. If you are going to miss your duty due to a meeting or other obligation, please make arrangements to swap with a colleague. Thank you!

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