NGC Weekly Update

Sept. 23, 2022

Soaring through the week!

NGC Families and Students, thank you for another great week in the NGC! We appreciate all the work of our teachers and students to continue to be safe at school while doing their best to learn! I have spent additional time in the classrooms this week to see how their learning is going and I continue to be impressed with students and teachers and their ability to adapt their teaching and learning at this time.

Student Progress Reports

We only have a few weeks left in the quarter. Grades in Powerschool are "live". You can also check for any missing assignments in Powerschool. Keep in mind, if an assignment is missing, it factors into the grade as a ZERO. If you have 1-3 missing assignments, this can lower their grade significantly! Students should always contact their teacher if they need to submit or turn in late or missing assignments so the teacher can go back in to grade these items. Students have the ability to sign up to see teachers during Flex Time if they need help with assignments.

Homecoming Information

  • Homecoming spirit week is next week (September 26th - 30th). Our MHS Student Council has planned spirit days for the week. We would like to remind students that the dress code should be followed even during spirit week.

    • Monday (9/26)- PJ Day

    • Tuesday (9/27)- Adam Sandler Day

    • Wednesday (9/28)- Country or Country Club

    • Thursday (9/29)- 90s Day

    • Friday (9/30)- Black Out

  • Tickets for the Homecoming Dance are available here. MHS Students are permitted to bring 1 guest (must be in HS or a recent graduate and this form must be turned in). The Homecoming Dance is on October 1st from 8:00pm until 11:00pm.
  • The Annual Homecoming Parade and Football game are on Friday, Sept. 30th. The parade leaves Mulberry Elementary at 5:30pm. The football game against Walnut Hills is scheduled to kick off at 7:00pm.
Spirit Week
Parade Route

8th Grade Ohio State Testing Results

During homeroom on Friday, Ohio State testing results were handed out to students.

Counseling Newsletter

If you didn't check out the newsletter last week, be sure to take a look this week! Lots of great resources, including the College 101 guide.
Team 2 students collecting data around the room and completing a linear regression activity.

Cell Phones, Ear Buds, and Smart Watches

Over the last week we have seen an uptick in students being on devices during class. In some of these instances, students claim they were communicating with a parent/guardian. Today we reminded students that we should not see devices in the classroom. We do permit them during class change and at lunch.

If there is an emergency where you need to speak with your child immediately, please contact the NGC Office (Mrs. Harvey) at 513-576-2278.

Team 3 and 4's Algebra 1 classes worked with real world data (car value, critically endangered species, and weather trends) in their unit on scatterplots and line of best fit! They made collected data and made predications with equations they created. On Friday they will quiz over the concept by exploring the bison population in Yellowstone.

MHS Building Newsletter

Items of Interest:

  • Lt. General Potter's visit to JRTOC
  • MHS Drama's Musical
  • Homecoming
  • Panorama (SEL Survey) Opt Out Letter

MEVSD Super 60

Superintendent Spieser covers:

  • The State of Ohio released School Report Cards last week. Milford Schools received an estimated 4.5 stars. You can read more here:
  • The Milford Schools board of education approved new Fieldhouse plans which will include upgraded athletic facilities, new restrooms, and three additional gyms. These improvements are necessary as current buildings will need to be demolished to make way for the new Middle School. The improvements will also allow Milford to host large athletic and band competitions, as well as provide much needed space for student athletes to practice and hold games.
  • Homecoming is next week! We can't wait for Spirit Week to launch and to celebrate with next Friday's parade and game and Saturday's dance.
  • Join us this weekend as our drama students present "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" - tickets can be purchased here:

Hearing and Vision Screening

Vision and Hearing screenings will be administered to all ninth grade students as required by state law. If you do not want your child screened please sign a required waiver. (See link below)

Why is it important to have your child’s vision screened? Young children with vision problems do not know the way that they see the world is not the way they should be seeing it! Without early detection and treatment, children’s vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss and learning difficulties.

Vision screening will consist of the following: Distance visual acuity - ability to see objects far away

Why is it important to have your child’s hearing screened? Hearing is important for speech, language development, reading and learning. A hearing screening can detect if your child needs further hearing testing. Even if your child has passed a hearing screening previously, their hearing can change. Hearing problems can be related to medical problems. Hearing loss is invisible and child may appear to be not paying attention.

Hearing screening will consist of the following test: Audiometry - Screening of hearing acuity.

A hearing screening only provides a snapshot of how your child performs on the day the test was administered and is not a substitute for a complete hearing evaluation by an audiologist.

You are welcome to contact the nurse to learn the screening findings. If your child does not pass the vision or hearing screening, the school nurse will send a letter to share the results and may make a recommendation for further evaluation by an eye care specialist or hearing specialist. If you have any questions about the school vision/hearing screening program please call the school nurse.

If your child fails either part of the screening, a rescreen and/or a written referral will be made.

9th grade screening will take place the week of October 24th 2022.

Hearing and Vision Screening Waiver

Where to find information...

The NGC office will send a newsletter to parent and student email accounts weekly during the school year. You can check the NGC Webpage and NGC Updates slide presentation for up to date information throughout the year!

  • NGC Webpage
  • Follow me on Twitter: @MrDYeager
  • The school day is 7:45-2:30!

Milford Athletics -

School Fees for 2022-2023 through Pay Schools

Fees have been assigned for the 2022-2023 School Year! You can now log in to pay the fees for the year!

Use Pay Schools to pay for lunches, school fees, sport participation fees, and more!

Click on this link to learn how to sign up and get started!


Absence Reporting

In order for your child to have an excused absence, you will need to report the absence in one of these ways:

If your student needs to have an early dismissal, please complete an early dismissal pass and have your student bring it to the MHS Main office.

Check out the Community Bulletin Board on our Website

Our online Community Bulletin Board - - is a place to find flyers for events, opportunities, classes, sports camps, and programs from various community organizations, businesses, and groups that serve to enrich the lives of our students.

Click these links to access the district website and the calendar page with dates for the 2022-2023 school year!

Ninth Grade Community

NGC Principal: Daniel Yeager

NGC Student Support Advisor: Jeff Zidron

NGC School Counselor: Kaitlyn Richter

NGC Administrative Assistant: Paula Harvey