HH Library October Overview

Spooky Reading!

Digital Citizenship

Remember the four lessons (the library can help with copyright! They don't need to be done in order) should be finished and the verification form (password neisd, scroll down to the bottom of the page ... or just look on the Google Classroom!) placed in the folder in Angie's box by Oct. 27 (that's one day earlier than the previous 28 because I remembered that I will be at a training on the 28th!) so that I can pass the info on to Dr. G and she can verify the school is finished.
Pharrell Williams Introduces His Children's Book, HAPPY!

Happy the Book

To be honest we don't have it yet. But I love the video and will get a copy as soon as we can.

Literary Pumpkin Patch

Book character pumpkins! I sent home the first notice with the bookfair flyers. I will send home another one the week of the 13-16. Real pumpkins may not be carved (of course it doesn't matter with fake pumpkins!). And they cannot come early as I will be out the third week in October. The tables will be up and ready for pumpkin displays on the 26th. Kiddos will get Spirit Sticks (the first 40 or so Pumpkin ones, the others a different kind of book related spirit stick because I didn't get a new order in before Sept. 1 :P) WHEN THEY PICK UP THEIR PUMPKIN the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 30.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 (really all year ... but that's one time to help you remember!) is a great time to read biographies about influential people.
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Reading Logs and Spirit Sticks

Asking again if I could seen an example of each grades reading "logs" (be it in print or electronic) so that we can figure out the most efficient way to get kids earning Spirit Sticks! It seems silly to make them rewrite things (I'd rather they spend the time reading!) if we can at all help it.

Math Challenge

Look for grade level questions on the bulletin board just before the clinic. It should NOT be a required assignment. Turn them in to the box by the self service station inside the library (by the the due date also posted ... usually noon on the last day or two of the month) for the kids to be entered into the different every month prize drawings.

I will get all the files posted on the Google Classroom. Just realized I never got it done in September. One "To Do" never checked off. Oops.


are two of my main goals this year. I want to get kids talking about books, reviewing books, and recommending books to their classmates. I also want to help everyone (YOU INCLUDED!) feel more comfortable with e-reading. It's different from print ... but no less valuable or important. You may opt for print most of the time (as the kids!) but that doesn't mean you can get away from e-reading entirely. They may be called "digital natives" but that does NOT mean they automatically know how to navigate electronic reading. We need to help them! Know that I will be talking more about this and posting lesson ideas on the Google Classroom!