Team 7 Newsletter

Sept 30-Oct 4

Math-Ms. McGehee

This week we will be finishing up our work with finding unit rates with fractions. We will done some review activities and students will take a test over the unit.

Students will also be assigned the Topic C Homework Check that will cover Lessons 11-15 Homework.

Science - Mrs. Brown

This week we are starting to conclude our chapter on interactions among living things.

Next week, we have a project over the peppered moth which will be an 80% grade, and will start Chapter 2. We will start with notes over chapter 2 on Thursday. Please make sure that if students are unhappy with test/quiz grades that they utilize the correction template to improve their scores. We are getting close to the end of the nine weeks.

Happy Friday!

Language Arts - Mrs. Martin

This week, we will conduct our final assessment for our first unit. Students will be asked to answer the unit essential question: How do we overcome prejudices? in the form of a PSA (public service announcement).

We will go over the assignment, discuss what a PSA is and view examples, brainstorm answers to the essential question with connections to The Outsiders, create an outline for the PSA, and then have class time to film and edit, with the finished product being due on Monday, October 7.

I am really looking forward to these projects and think they will be a great way for students to express not only their understanding of the ideas in our reading, but also to connect that understanding to a real-world problem. I hope your child enjoys this project, and I can't wait to see their work!

Social Studies-- Mr. Beles

This week in Geography we will be finishing up the first unit of the finish our 5 themes of Geography, and take a larger 80% assessment around the middle of the week. Students will write 1 paragraph displaying their knowledge of the 5 themes and the different components.

We will then begin our next unit by the end of the week, which starts our journey around the world. The first stop is right here, with the United States and Canada. We will now have a better grasp of what the 5 themes look like in action with each country, and apply that to later to compare to other places around the world. I am excited to start our trip!