Cult Geo. Unit 2

Section 1: Analysis

These class activities make sense to me is when people migrate to the new school, or how they migrate to new people and a building or town. When people are cultural mosaics they are so many different things that make up one picture, or a person, you could love so many different things, but still make a big picture, or they make you. All the different social groups make up one when people conflict on anything.

Section 2: Application

Humans migrate everyday in their natural lives, when they go to work, when they go on the phone, and anything. Humans create cultural mosaics when they have things in common and when they have differences. When humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict they are either agreeing on things, like cooperating.


Power shifting between social groups could happen if people move to get closer for their jobs. When the power shifts between social groups it could be a positive or negative because they can do something stupid with all the power. It could also be a positive effect because they could do something very good in the world.

Section 3: Transfer

In my life humans migrate when they see each other in the stores, in the hallways, anywhere. When humans create cultural mosaics it's when you find a really good friend, and you compare everything you guys have and make a mosaic. When people cooperate they can like the same music, sports. When I conflict on different social groups that's when I don't agree on the same things that they like.

Bullets and Ballots~

My group was the Army and Wealthy, and some characteristics of my group were that we poisoned other groups and made treaties and took their MSU's. Things happened with my group was throughout the game other than killing each other was, making different presidents with my group because people were dying when they were president. When we were identifying other social groups and power shifting it was because the presidents were dying, and the treaties were either fake. When the power shifted it was because of the treaties when they were fake they got more power and controlled us. When the people conflicted they did not get along because of the treaties because they tricked us. They cooperated when they made a treaty and 2 groups grouped together to control the other groups, or to take the gorillas down.