Research Unit Project

By Bryant Eyum-P3

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Computer/Information Systems Managers

A job in which you become an Information technology manager and work on information and computer science. A Bachelors degree is required, and to become a manager you'll need work related experience (5 years or more). A Masters degree is not required, but recommended. It's salary is $127,640 but varies with 15% growth. Texas is one of the best places for this job. Anyways, this job is basically managers doing computer-related activities. Your job is to help your company to achieve goals and help them to grow. The better the company, the higher you salary goes. The Fun part of this is that you could work and drink Starbucks coffee. I'm not sure if you could listen to music but yeah. And you have 40 hours a week. That's less that 1/4th of a week. Some people go more than 40 hours! If you love computers, want a high salary, and hate being a doctor, which takes you 12+ years of school work and practicing and 60 hours of working as one a week, then this job is for you! You may reject this, but before we skip topics, let me show you how good It's growth rate is.
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My Vacation is going to be Seaworld. I used to be a toddler when I've been there. It was so much fun. The shows were entertaining, the slides were a blast, the zoos were interesting, the shops were so Hawaiian and the water parks were so fun. I'm going back there to gain those fun memories back.