Cordelia Hills Update


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"Under the Sea" Invites going home!

Principals Message

Absences were reduced this week and many of our students seemed to be on the mend. Thank you for taking good care of them. I've left the flyer on "when to keep sick children at home" below. Thank you for the feedback from parents on possible ways to improve hand washing at school. Appreciated!

MAP testing begins next week for Grades 1-5. A reminder that this District wide benchmark is in reading and math. The assessment looks for both achievement and growth and adapts to a students level. I stress growth with our students and staff. If students aim to grow from the last test administration, the achievement will come.

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2019-2020 Upcoming Calendar Events

Saturday, February 2: FSUSD Runs This #2 @ BGALE

Monday, February 3: Winter MAP TESTING window opens for Grades 1-5

Friday, February 7: 100th Day of School, Progress Reports live for parents

Friday, February 14 and Monday, February 17: NO SCHOOL, SCHOOL CLOSED

Friday, February 21: Under the Sea Dance (see flyer), 6-8

2020-2021 CALENDAR The calendar for next year is updated. Please plan around holidays. We want your children here everyday!

Registration for 2020-2021

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year for any new student eligible to attend Cordelia Hills next school year is underway.. The online registration was live last Monday. You must complete that before coming in. Please know that we will have plenty of spaces open (at least through May). Don't feel like you have to come the VERY FIRST DAY of registration at risk of losing space. Lastly, we are open for registration from 9-2 each day. If you need to register outside of that window, please contact the main office and request an appointment.

General K and TK

Staying Up-to-date with our Cordelia Hills PTA

Membership drive is on. Check out the details below!

PTA Webpage:

PTA Calendar for 2019-2020

Parent Engagement Survey Links (English and Spanish)

We have received a ton of responses (THANK YOU) but we will leave the links live (below). We appreciate any additional responses.

Also, we were contacted by A Better Way, Solano. They are looking to host free parent/family classes on understanding discipline for children. The training looks to be fantastic. If you are interested in attending a training (it would be on-site), please contact me directly at to express that interest. If we have enough interest, I will look to schedule a training.

Cordelia Hills Parent Engagement Survey

Cordelia Hills Encuesta: Participación Parental

Message about School Accountability Report Card

Dear Cordelia Hills Parents and/or Guardians - I wanted to let you know that the 2018-19, published in 2019-20, School Accountability Report Cards, otherwise known as SARCs, are available on our school website. They can be accessed by visiting the website and selecting our school site under "Our Schools". The current SARC can be found by clicking on the School Report Card icon. Hard copies are also available at the school office upon request.

Estimados Cordelia Hills padres de familia y/o tutores – Les quería dejar saber que los reportes escolares de rendición de cuentas (SARC, por sus siglas en inglés) del 2018-19, publicados en el 2019-20, están ya disponibles en el sitio web de la escuela. Para tener acceso a los reportes, puede visitar el sitio web y seleccione nuestro plantel escolar bajo “Nuestras Escuelas”. Puede encontrar los reportes (SARC) actuales al seleccionar el icono llamado “School Report Card”. Si desea tener una copia impresa, puede solicitarla en la oficina de la escuela.

Cordelia Public Library--Did you know!

All Cordelia Hills students are automatically enrolled as members of the Solano County Library system. To access materials and online-resources, they use the following log-in credentials:

FSU and student ID (6 digit perm ID). Example: FSU123456


Phone number: Do not use a phone #. Actually put the month and day of bday. So October 24 is 1024

They can use the same information to access up to 3 print materials at the library.

Check out the website!