About the Body

Cats have lots of body parts. They have over 20 body parts. Cats will usually weigh 6 to 15 pounds. In a dim light a cats pupils are wide open in a bright light a cats pupils are narrowed to a slit.

Taking Care Of Cats

Cats need food in the morning and at night. Cats need to drink water throughout the whole day, so you need to make sure their water dish is full. Every day you should clean the cats litter box once or twice.

What Cats Like To Do

Cats like to do lots of things. Cats like to play. Cats especially like to play with other cats, so its sometimes better to have more than one cat. Cats also like to snuggle so get ready for them to come up on your lap.

Intresting Facts

Cats found popularity at sea and during the middle ages because of their ability to hunt and kill disease carrying rats and mice. Cats make great pets for city dwellers because of their small size and independent nature. Unlike some other pets cats won't mind being left home alone during the day. People have valued cats as hunters, worshiped them as gods, and sacrificed them as demons. Cats have an incredible sense of balance and can easily traverse even the narrowest of walkways. The scientific name of the domestic cat is Felis catus(Fillis katis). Dogs actually won't mind cats.Cats get exercise by playing with cat toys. Milk can upset a cats stomach, so cats need to drink water.

Talented cats

Some cats have certain talents and sometimes you might just find your cat doing something really unusual. Like in this picture the cat is praying. Sometimes cats can do special things and then some will have certain talents like being able to jump up somewhere where there's lots of things.


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