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Carroll Elementary School Counseling


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school for a new semester and year!

This month we will be working on how to manage our impulses. Things like self-control are not always easy or fun when you would rather play video games rather than do homework. Making good choices does not always come easy, but it is possible with some strategies and hard work.

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Impulse Stoplight

RED: Stop

YELLOW: Think: What are your options?

GREEN: Make your best choice

Important December Dates

Jan. 4th Semester Begins

Jan. 17th No school

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How Can My Child See The Counselor?

1. Self referral. Students may ask their teacher if they can pay me a visit during non instructional times.

2. Teacher referral. Sometimes teachers notice that a child may be experiencing emotions that are interfering with learning.

3. Parent referral. You may send me an email or call my office.