Articles of Confederation

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of the Article of Confederation

The Article of Confederation was the originally Constitution before the US Constitutions. The Articles united the colonies until the US Constitution was created. It defined laws of the states. It gave people the chance to explore places and create a life. It gave state Independence because of a weak central government. Gave them the power to create a military. No government telling them what to do and what not to do.

Disadvantages of the Article of Confederation

With the Articles of Confederation it did not give the Congress power to enforce the laws. They did not have control so they could not get taxes for the military. If they wanted to amend a law all the states would have to agree. Instead of having one strong military their were small military's in each colony. Their was no executive or judicial branch.

What do I Think

I think they thought they did a good job making it that time. They wanted to be free, they just got out of the British control. So they made a government with the idea of freedom. But I think they gave the people to much freedom and that is were they messed up. They realized it and created another Constitution.
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