The Viking View - Families

February 22

From the desk of Principal Williams


I would like to take a moment to thank all of our teachers publically here. Our classroom teachers, or classified staff and our families at home. We are a team and together we can make it through these times. I am so proud of each one of you and your ability to persevere through this school year. Below are pictures of some of our classroom teachers. They are navigating numerous pieces of technology, programs and lesson plans to be there for your students every day. Today I was able to hear conversations and lessons with your students and the connections they had and were making with their fellow classmates and teachers were heartwarming. Steele Lane is a special place.

With much gratitude,

Mrs. Williams

Scholars of the Week

We are so proud of our Scholars of the Week! Thank you for showing us what it looks like to be a student who shows great effort, problem-solving and is kind to other students and staff.


James Whitson,Aliyah Cortes


Hailey Seavers, Lizeth Martinez,Ariadne Garcia Baillon Jake Saman,Christopher Baeza Diez, Mariana Rodriquez Vasquez, Emily Castro,Eva Enriquez-Medina,Kevin Hernandez Janessa Corona,Savanna Pintor, Azulime Mendez Crespo,Miguel Martinez, Sophia Marcelo,Amador Pacheco


Anayeli Carmona Brito, Kaaren Shakya,Janelle Rizo,Ivan Salas, Jesus Gomez,Froilan Olvera Cordova,Isaiah Moreno-Santoya,Valerie Mendoza,Montserrat Gomez (4th - Dean), Hector (Anthony) Crespo (Klosevitz)

Dance Assembly this Friday!

We have a special assembly on Friday. It is called Dance Connect. Sonoma State University students will be leading it and teaching us a dance. They will be following up and releasing 3 videos to us leading up to a finale assembly at the end where we can show off our dance moves. See the introductory video below. Please share with your students. You can even try some of the dance moves too! The assembly is at 8:30 am and your classroom teacher will share the link with your student.
Dance Connect----Dance-in-Schools! Steele Lane Elementary

Empathy Tool

Dear Steele Lane Families,

This week we’ll focus on another Tool, the Empathy Tool. Empathy is one of the most important Tools for Life. It is defined as “a capacity for participation in another’s feelings or ideas.” To empathize with another is to experience something about what they are feeling. Empathy is the root of understanding, kindness, and forgiveness. Caring and compassion are other words that describe Empathy.

Connecting to the feelings of characters in books and stories is a common way to teach about Empathy. When you read to your child or your child reads to you or tells you a story, ask, “Have you ever felt that way?” or “I know just how that character feels” or “How do you think this character feels right now?” When children remind you to use your Empathy Tool, they are asking to have their feelings acknowledged

Here are some suggestions:

· Read to your child or have you child read to you, and ask questions about feelings as mentioned above.

· Talk with your child about seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

· During conflicts, listen without judgment when your child talks about how they are feeling. Name their feelings is the first step to helping children figure out why they are having those feelings, and then do some problem-solving.

· Share your feelings that way your child understands how you are feeling. This gives your child a visual, yet you are also being honest and allowing your child to recognize feelings. This can allow children to share their feelings with you as well or even to name certain feelings too.

Empathy is caring for yourself and caring for others. By practicing Empathy at home, you strengthen your family and you help us create a happier, healthier school community together. Thank You.


Eduardo Oseguera

Elementary School Counselor, MS, PPS

Kindness Month!

Starting today is Kindness month! Please see the pictures below to see how you can participate. Your teacher can support you as well.

We need students enrolling at Steele Lane!

Thank you for those of you that have contacted our school about registering for Kindergarten or Kinder Academy. This is helpful for our planning for next year! Please continue to help us spread the word about Kindergarten registration. If you have or know someone who lives in our attendance area and has students that are kindergarten age please encourage them to register. This will help our school know more about how many students will be attending so we can staff our school appropriately. Here is the link with all of the information for registration. We look forward to adding your students to the Steele Lane Family!

Materials to pick-up

Some of the teachers may reach out to you to pick-up materials. Please park in the yellow loading area in front of the school and walk in the gate. Use hand sanitizer upon entry. One of our yard duty or office staff will be inside the main hallway to retrieve and place your materials on a table for you to gather. We are making this change for pick up to minimalize contacts and help stop the spread of COVID 19. If there is not a staff member at the door please call the mainline at 707 890-3945 so we can support you. You can come to pick up materials during office hours between 8 and 2:30 pm. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding with the update.

When you are on campus

As we welcome families/students to campus for our various material distribution, we'd like to remind you of a few health and safety protocols.

1. Please stay home if you or your student:

  • exhibit COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. fever of 100.4°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, etc.)
  • tested positive for COVID-19, and are within the 10-day isolation period
  • have had close contact (longer than 15 minutes) with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • live or cohabitate with a person who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19
  • traveled outside of the state (specifically to high-risk areas) within the past 14 days

2. While on campus, please respect social distancing of 6 feet and wear a mask at all times. We recommend sanitizing your hands prior to and after the event.

Nominate one of our Steele Lane Teachers!

Nominate a special public school or public charter school teacher in your life with the form below. Each month we’ll review the submissions and choose one teacher to honor, based on the number of individual nominations they receive as well as the quality of teaching described in the nominations (details about amazing teaching strategies, stories about how the teacher went above and beyond, etc.) The lucky teacher will receive a plaque in recognition of this award and $500 school supply gift card!

All you need to do is tell us who you think is the Teacher of the Month, right here...

Thank you Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Santa Rosa did a drive thought fundraiser for us earlier in the year. All of the prizes for Scholars of the Week and the Scholars of the Month have been purchased with that money! Thank You Dutch Bros!