Green DeWitt

By: Addison Sork, Maddie Johnson, and Sarah Pryor

Was Green DeWitt's settlement a failure or a success?

Green DeWitts settlement was a failure in the end. DeWitt was arrested because De León claimed that the tobacco was shipped into the colony was contraband. After that the things between Green DeWitt and De León could not be erased and the mexican authorities had to shut down the settlement because of Dewitt arrest and Gonzales was reestablished.

To the right is a picture of where Green Dewitt's settlement is located.

Brief bibliography on Green Dewitt

Dewitt's colony was one of the major colonies in the settlement of Texas, was established by Green Dewitt and James Kerr in 1825. Dewitt request the Mexican government to become an impresario in 1822.

When and why did Green Dewitt want a settlement in Texas?

Green Dewitt wanted a settlement in 1822 and he established it in 1825. In 1822, Dewitt petitioned the Mexican government for permission to settle colonists in Texas but was denied. After gaining the support of Stephen F. Austin, a Texas impresario Dewitt's second request to build a settlement was granted in 1825. The settlement was on the Matador bay near the mouth of the Lava ca river. He got permission to build his settlement because he wanted the colonist to see their own safety in Gonzales.

Problems Green Dewitt had with mexican government

Green Dewitt’s problem with the mexican government was that the Mexican government did not let Dewitt have his settlement the first time he asked in 1822. It took 3 years to finally gain the permission from the government in 1825.


The first picture is of where the settlement took place, Mexico Texas. People would go to this map to see where the settlement would go and see this sign to find out the location of the settlement and information about it. the second picture underneath the first picture is a picture of a person who was part of the settlement. He was probably a helper in the settlement, or a worker.


The settlements boundaries were roughly defined on the basis of inaccurate maps as the right bank of the Lava ca River beginning at a point ten unions from the coast, running up the river to the Bear-Stagecoaches road and then up the road to a point two unions west of the Guadalupe River ,approximately the divide between the Guadalupe and San Antonio rivers, then extending to the Guadalupe River to the Paraje de las Mosquito , then returning to the Lava ca River.