Parent Involvement—Maturing Teens

By: Alanna Martin

My Perspective

I think that parents need to let their own children grow up and mature on their own so that their children don't have to think that they need to go to their parents first before doing anything else.

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  • While hovering over your own children and doing everything for them the parents might think that is love and caring but it means that they are not letting their children grow up
  • Even though parents think it is love and caring about their children it can actually cause long lasting problems for the child
  • 95% of college counseling centers across the nation report their concern with the growing amount of psychological issues they are seeing students enter in college with because of helicopter parents
  • out of 100,000 college students surveyed were finding out these difficulties
  • 84% felt overwhelmed with responsibilities, 60.5% felt sad, 57% felt lonely, 51% felt anxious, and 4% considered suicide
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