Types Of Flour

By:Jalen Mallory


Whole-Wheat flour is made from the whole grain,including the germ and the bran.Bran Limits gluten formation,so baked goods are denser and heavier,Store in a dry area.
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Bread Flour

Is made from a combination of unbleached hard-wheat flour and barley flour,It has high gluten and works well for making yeast bead.Store in a dry area.
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Cake and Pastry Flour

is made from soft wheat ,they create less gluten and therefore produce baked goods with a fine,tender texture,store in a dry area.
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Gluten Flour

Is a high protein flour made from hard wheat,With protein solid added and most starch removed,Its never used alone,always mixed with something,Store in dry area
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Specialty Flours

Is made from other grains as well,including buckwheat,oats,and rice,They are mixed with other things.They are stored in dry places
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