Stacey's Sweet Sisters

March 2014

Spring is Coming!

Soon the cold weather will be behind us and our customers and hostesses will be even more excited to PARTY! Our team of 25 consultants (some of them brand new) held 22 parties last month, and our downline of 58 consultants held 48 parties last month. I know we can even raise that number in the coming months. If you have not tried the texting booking blitz, please do it! I personally booked my next few months using this method!

Top Recruiter

Congratulations, Sarah Sespico, on adding THREE new members to your team in the month of February!

Welcome, New Consultants!

We are so excited to welcome the following ladies to our team!

Jennifer Ramos, 2/2, sponsored by Sarah Sespico

Emily Moran, 2/10, sponsored by Sarah Sespico

Susan Steier, 2/19, sponsored by Sarah Sespico

Dahlia Orth, 2/24, sponsored by Stacey Hyde

Look Who Qualified!

Congratulations Molly Schick on selling your first $1,000 and becoming an official qualified consultant in February!

January Top Sales

Consultant Top Sales

Jessica Brown- $1,022

Melissa Timony- $592

Director Top Sales

Stacey Hyde- $2,388

Nicole Duda- $1,287

Start Swell

The following ladies are currently working on Start Swell! You can earn Start Swell kits during your first 30, 60, 90, and 120 days! You earn a kit for each of the first four months that you have $600 in Personal Volume! Ask me for more info. I will gladly help you track your progress!

Susan Steier

Dahlia Orth

Daphne Waltos

Emily Moran

Jennifer Ramos

Opportunity Incentive

The opportunity incentive ends March 15th! There are just 3 days left to sign up potential recruits under the incentive!

Dates to Remember

March 15th- Last Day for new consultants to enroll with the Opportunity Incentive!

April 1st- Purchase summer Business Supplies*

Earn Ready, Set, Sell Earn April 1-15

Purchase your Summer Add-On Kit April 1-15

April 3rd- Attend April Celebrate & Connect for our Summer Product Premiere. Meetings will be held April 3-6.

April 7th- Summer is live on Check out the Summer Checklist, Enrollment Kit, Business Supplies & more.

*You may begin placing orders April 1. Supplies will be visible and available to ship beginning April 7.

April Special!