Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 16 Monday 1st - Friday 5th December

Dates for the Diary

Secret Santa Exchanges - Thursday 11th December

Last day of term - Friday 12th December (half day)

Easter term starts - Tuesday 6th January

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

This week the children have continued drafting, redrafting, editing and publishing their explanation texts. These will be shared across the Grade 5 classes next week.

We've also been revising note taking skills related to media and communication, and will be using the notes taken to build a timeline of inventors and inventions.


The Grade 5 children have finished 4 units in their Coursebook, Whole Numbers, Operations on Whole Numbers, Fractions and Finding the Area of Triangle. They have been diligently presenting the steps and workings in an orderly manner and some even used models to help them solve the questions. Well done, Grade 5! We also encourage the children to pen down some notes to help them organise their thought process.

Mr Lim is 5 years older than Mrs Lim. Mr Lim is 49 years old. What was their total age 8 years ago?

- Mr Lim: 49 years old Mrs Lim: 49 – 5 = 44 years old

8 years ago
- Mr Lim: 49 – 8 = 41 Mrs Lim 44 – 8 = 36

- Total: 41 + 36 = 77

Answer: 77 years old

Admist our revision, Christmas Fun Maths and Timestable games were played!

We will be going through the end of term test next week. Can you please ensure your child has their blue Mathematics folder in school on Monday to update.

Thank you


The children have begun their work on the History of Communication this week. They started out by looking at the different methods of communicating and how they have evolved over time.

We discussed the drawbacks of having to rely on only speaking to each other and had fun playing the telephone game.

The children worked in groups to research ancient forms of communication and tried hard to sort data cards into the correct chronological order.

They have now begun researching inventions from the last 500 years which have shaped the way in which we live our lives today. They have chosen a range of devices to investigate from the telephone to braille, camera to instagram. They will be reporting back on how they made an impact and their pros and cons.

The children will then try to put all of the devices into chronological order.



Children to continue on their Interview Articles due in on Thursday 11th December.

Language Arts

Writing - Children to complete seeds and/or drafts in their writer's notebook.

Submission Date - Tuesday 6th January

Spelling - Complete sheet on

Submission Date - Friday, 12th December


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 10th December

Myimaths - Ratio Introduction and Review

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SJI Calendar

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Mrs. Patrice Valere – Elementary School Art Teacher