Human Dependence, Dead Zones

By: Ty Bugo

What is a dead zone?

A dead zone is a area of water where a lack of oxygen is present. This makes the fish in the area not able to breathe, suffocating them. This can impact the environment and the fishermen working there. It effects the environment by killing marine life that is there and fish either die or leave to a different area.
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How are people and wildlife affected?

People are affected by dead zones because it sweeps the area of fish and leaves fishermen without a job. That said, dead zones affect the environment a lot more because it leaves the fish dead or having to move and any other marine life that is not mobile dead.
Dead Zones

What areas do dead zones effect?

Dead zones effect mostly coastlines along the U.S. League City is not directly affected to dead zones, but fish would be harder to come by if dead zones were to occur near the coast like Galveston.
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