Summer Reading Project Chains


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Setting, Characters, and Problem

Setting- Locktons Mansion New York City, Farm,

Characters- Ruth, Isabell, Lady Seymour, Madam, Master, etc.

Problem- Isabell and her sister were sold to a very demanding women when they were supposed to be free. Will they escape?


Isabell and her sisters owner passes away they are soon sold by the owners nephew. They were now owned by Madam and Master. But, they were supposed to have freedom according to the documents and lawyer, but the lawyer is missing.

Rising Action

The girls soon sail to New York with their new owners. Which the people thought Madam was the British. Isabell soon meets a boy named Curzon. They spy on the new masters and see what they are up to. The reward for her might be freedom for her and her sister. She soon makes a deal with Colonel Reagan exchange for her and her sisters freedom. Then suddenly war breaks out. US vs. Britain. Soon the Americans lost the war and every single American soldier ended up in jail. Secretly, Isabell would get all the left over food scraps and take them to Curzon. Isabell finds out that her sister was not sold and that she was on madams farm.


Isabel breaks Curzon out of jail.

Falling Action

They head towards a river


Will they make it?
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