Power in "The Crucible"

By: Austin Silver and Jackson Ramsey

Reverend Hale's power change.

Reverend Hale is an important character in the crucible and we’re going to look at how his power changes. When he first gets to Salem he has the most power because everyone believes he is going to solve their witch problem and when Danforth gets there all the focus goes to him and they stop listening to hale. Everytime Hale tries to say something Danforth and the rest of the court tell him to be quiet. Hale has lost power in the town and in the court and doesn't like it.

Reverend Hales Reputation

Later on in the movie in the end of act 3 hale quits the court because no one is listening to him and they are making decisions without his consent. Also Hale dislikes the court because they have hanged 17 people already and he signed them all and he knows they have done nothing wrong but the court won't listen to him. Reverend Hale believes that all the people that got hung are by his hand and he will no longer sign another death warrant. And that’s how Reverend Hale loses his power over time during the crucible.