Linear Functions and Inequalities

October 13, 2015

The Problem:

I want to determine how many pieces of candy I will eat if I already ate 7 and I am eating 2 per minute.

The Function:

C(m) = 2m+7

"m" represents the total minutes it takes to eat the candy.

"2" represents the amount of candies I eat per minute.

"7" represents how many I already ate.

"C(m)" represents the total


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Two solutions:

C(27) means I would have ate 61 candies in 27 minutes.

C(27)= 61

C(m) = 115 means I have ate 115 candies in 54 minutes.

C(54) = 115

The Inequality:

2m+7 > 45

The solution of the inequality is m > 19

This means that I ate 45 candies in 19 minutes or more.