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Message From the Principal: Dr. Orathia Bradley

Greetings, Pfaff Families,

Hello to all! I hope this message finds you doing well and getting excited about the start of the new school year. This edition of the P.E.P. Rally is all about empowering you, as parents, with the information you need to help you and your child(ren) kick off the school year feeling safe, comfortable and confident!

Even though much of what you need to know is outlined in the QCSD’s Back to School Guide, this newsletter is packed full with valuable information that will aid our transition back to school, so please read it thoroughly.

Your best resource for information during this new school year is your child’s teacher. Teachers will be sharing out specific plans for their students and families. The Pfaff website is also a great resource. Students attending class virtually are encouraged to participate in synchronous learning experiences whenever possible as it builds classroom community and provides broad learning opportunities.

Be on the lookout for an email message this weekend for a Tour of Pfaff that will show you pictures of the inside of our school and classrooms to orient everyone.

Here's some tips for your child - WHAT TO BRING ON THE FIRST DAY:

  • Recommended Supplies

  • Everyone should wear a mask!

  • Replacement masks - things happen and we want to be prepared. The school also has extra masks for students.

  • Personal Hand sanitizer - large containers are available for use at school, but reinforcing personal hygiene efforts are encouraged.

  • A book to read for pleasure

  • Headphones

  • Computer and its cord

  • Sanitizer Wipes (for personal use)

  • One item that fits inside of a plastic grocery bag for personal play during recess

We are grateful for your partnership and look forward to learning and growing with your child the whole year through! Thank you for all you do!

Your partner in education,

Dr. Orathia Bradley

Proud Pfaff Principal


  • We are ready for your child to return to school on September 14th. We have been very busy working through all of the changes that this pandemic has required, but rest assured that we look forward to your child(ren)’s arrival at Pfaff next week.

    • All teachers and staff were provided with a thorough training of the QCSD Health and Safety Plan as it relates to Pfaff.

    • The first week is expected to be hectic, so please be patient with us.

    • Much of the first week is teaching routines and building expectations; therefore, synchronous and asynchronous experiences for virtual students may be less than usual and may vary. Please contact your child’s teacher for more details if you have questions.

  • The school day is now 9:00-2:00. Doors will open at 8:45 and students must go directly to their homeroom and to their seat.

  • Wednesdaya are a day of new instruction for all students even though they will all attend virtually!!!

  • Breakfast will be available as a “grab and go” daily in the lobby. Students will purchase breakfast and take their bagged breakfast and report directly to their homeroom.

  • Lunch will be held in the classroom, and students will sit at their desks unless they have 6’ social distance available in their classroom. Students will be fairly independent during lunch, so disposable items and cartons are encouraged. All lunches served will be bagged cold service, with three selections daily: a sandwich or wrap, a salad with a protein and roll, or a Grape/Peanut Butter Uncrustable. An assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables along with milk will be available daily.

    • Hot lunches for heat up are available on Wednesdays for pick up at the high school.

    • Teachers will ensure that students sanitize their hands at the beginning of recess and at conclusion of lunch upon entering the classroom

  • Water fountains will not be accessible. Thus, students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle for personal use throughout the day.

  • Bathrooms will be assigned to grade levels and will be limited to two (2) students at a time.

    • Student bathrooms are assigned by location.

    • Two students are allowed in the bathroom at a time

    • When a student wants to enter the bathroom, he/she should stand outside the door and ask if there is anyone in there. If there is more than one person in there, they should wait outside (at the 6’ marker) until one person exits.

    • Adults will routinely check the bathrooms when they are in the vicinity of the bathroom to ensure that students are adhering to the expectations.

  • In accordance with the QCSD Health and Safety Plan, no visitors or volunteers will be allowed into the school at this time. Only staff and students will be permitted in the building.

    • Parents picking up either sick children or for appointments must remain outside the building/vestibule unless the Principal specifically approves entrance for some reason.

    • There will be a sign-out book outside with sanitized pens available for parents to sign out their children. A sign will direct the parents to call the office and bring their ID when picking up a child.

    • Parents will use the CALL button at the door to communicate with the office staff. It may also be prudent to bring your cell phone to the door in case you need to call into the office at 215.529.2849.

    • Also, the majority of IEP meetings and other parent meetings will be held virtually.

  • Buses will arrive in the bus loop and drop off as usual. Buses will begin arriving at 8:45.

  • Adults will be assigned to posts throughout the bus loop, lobby, and hallways to facilitate social distancing between students to encourage hand washing.

  • Your feedback and input are valuable. We will host our Coffee and Conversations with the Principal meetings virtually every six weeks using a recurring Google Meets link from 9:30-10:30. Grab a beverage and Join us!


  • CAR-LINE for AM drop-off and PM pick-up will be in the same spot in the rear of the building. Please review this Car Line Map and please help us to avoid traffic congestion on Sleepy Hollow Road. The AM/PM Kindergarten pick/up and drop-off location is marked on the map as well.

    • Brightly colored Pfaff Car Line Placards will be sent home on your child(ren)’s first day back in the building.

    • If you are picking up a child using Car Line on your child’s first day, please boldly write your child’s last name on a piece of paper and place an X in the top right corner (so that we can easily

  • To aid our planning, please complete this short CAR LINE FORM to sign your child up to participate in Car Line for the first day of school. This short form can be completed if your child will be a CAR RIDER on the first day, daily, certain days per week, or on occasion.


  • Recess will look very different this year! The recess grounds will be separated into four distinct area that will be accessed by one class at a time.

  • There will be no intermingling of classes during recess. Rather, adults will be responsible for monitoring their students during recess in their designated location and ensuring that they are maintaining their social distance.

  • Classes will switch Recess Locations weekly so that all students get access to the various areas.

  • The use of the playground equipment is prohibited.

  • Students may not share items.

  • Students will be allowed/encouraged to bring 1 item that fits into a plastic shopping bag for their own personal use during recess. Example: jump rope, small ball, toy or trinket, etc.

  • Students may not bring in small electronic devices out of concern that they could get lost, stolen or damaged. Trading cards, such as Pokemon cards, are also prohibited as they would encourage sharing unnecessarily.

  • Parents should send in a small baggie of items that their child could play with at their desk in the event of indoor recess and/or inclement weather.

  • At the end of recess, students will line up -- all facing in one direction -- and will walk in single file line with 6’ social distance in between into the building using the door closest to their classroom

  • Teachers will ensure that students sanitize their hands at the beginning of recess and at conclusion of recess upon entering the classroom


  • Students should bring the Chromebook/ipad AND charger with them to school daily as they will be used during the school day.

  • Students should carry a personal book and carry it with them to classes and on the bus.

  • Specials will be held in 30-day intervals this year. So, your child will go to the same specials for 30 days and will have all of the special areas covered at some point throughout the year. Special Area teachers will provide direct and virtual instruction from the classroom.

    • Library instruction will occur in the classroom. However, books will be checked out from a small collection. Quarantine practices will be implemented to avoid cross-contamination.


QCSD is offering the opportunity for virtual and hybrid learning as we begin the school year on September 14th, and all students will participate in virtual asynchronous learning on Wednesdays for the first four weeks of school. Here are some tips for creating a supportive learning environment in your home:

  • Consider establishing a dedicated space for learning. This should be a space that is comfortable, is free from distractions, and has an area designated for school supplies. When the school day is done, encourage your child to clean up the area to prepare the space for the next day.
  • Students should consider waking up at a regular time each day, and getting dressed just as they would for school. This will help support a smoother transition if your child is returning to the hybrid model or if you child will continue with the virtual model.
  • Fill a water bottle and consider preparing lunch and a healthy snack in advance.
  • Teachers will be establishing daily routines with breaks throughout the day. Be sure that your child uses these breaks as a time to get away from the screen and get movement.
  • Start the day with a charged device and have the charger handy with an outlet nearby. This is a great habit for this year and into the future.
  • Consider purchasing inexpensive headphones with a microphone. This is helpful if you anticipate more than one child sharing a learning space in a family room, kitchen, etc.


If you need TECH SUPPORT for your child's device. Please CLICK HERE!

Mark Your Calendar!

  • Picture Day is scheduled for October 5th and October 8th.

    • More information will be forthcoming regarding the processes will follow as well as how virtual students will participate.

    • Picture Retakes are November 11th & November 20th.

  • Back to School - Parent Night - October 1st - staggered schedule forthcoming

  • Coffee and Conversations with the Principal - October 8th

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