A Day No Pigs Would Die

By Robert Newton Peck

About The Book


Robert Peck- Narrator of the story and main character.

Haven Peck- Rob's father.

Pinky- Robert's pig.


Learning, Vermont


Friendship, hard work, and keeping your faith.



Rob is a young boy in the small town of Learning during the 1920's. He births a couple of Holstein calves for his neighbor and for his reward his neighbor gives him a pig. Rob names her Pinky and the two of them become best friends. As Pinky becomes older she is barren. As the family goes through hard times and there is no money the only option is to slaughter Pinky.

But will Haven slaughter the only friend Rob has ever had? Or will he keep Pinky?

My Review

This book I feel is written for a more older and mature audience due to the language and scenes throughout the book. Also I feel the book is very interesting and Peck really hooks in the reader with the things that happen Rob's neighbors, Pinky, Rob himself, and the gossip that goes in the book in Learning, Vermont. The book appeals to me emotionally because I know what it's like to have to almost lose or even lose something you love very much.
"There would be no work on this day. A day no pigs would die."

-Robert Newton Peck

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