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Update for April


Spring Fever is Here

Wow, we are so close to the end of our first year in this beautiful new building! What a treat it has been to serve you in the library. I have learned so much this year about our students, our staff, our strengths and our needs. Our library is now fully stocked with YA literature and digital media. I have a list of to-do's for next year and a wish list of titles to add in August 2015. Some of the things that we will be working on is an 'incentive' program for students that choose to read in their free time. I don't need to convince you of the importance of reading for vocabulary development, fluency, comprehension, and stamina. The wonderful by-product is that students will experience the pleasure of immersing themselves in good books! You will find out all the details in the Fall, but I will be challenging students to read 1,000,000 words and to sweeten the pot, they will have the opportunity to earn gifts from the library for each book that they read! We will use coffee funds and grants and donations to fund our incentives. If you receive items, tickets, or gift cards that you don't think that you will use.... think RE-GIFT!

Online Resources

Online access will be the KEY this summer while the library is unavailable. As soon as book club is finalized, next week, I will be asking to come to your classes to remind students how to access our online books and audio books. In addition, I will remind them how to use our digital resources for research or to find fun facts to fill their brains! This library is open 24/7 and that includes SUMMER! We now have 805 titles on our MackinVia. That's enough to fill your whole summer with reading. Please remind your students that if they will download the MackinVia app and check out any title, they can come pick up a treat from the library.

Brag Bag O' Swag

Any student that scores a 90% or higher on quizzes and tests in the library gets to grab a goodie from the swag bag. These are items that are picked up along the way from conferences, sports events, etc. The most popular gifts have been sunglasses and water bottles. Some students have gone over a test a second and third time to get their scores just a little bit higher in order to get that reward.

Logging-In to MackinVia

After downloading the app to your device, Log-In with your school name and your student ID on both lines. Staff will use your employee ID preceded with "e".

Book Club News

We currently have 6 members in our book club. We just finished reading Snitch by Alison Van Diesen. This book was recommended by one of our members and the rest of the group enjoyed reading it. The author has a follow up title that several members have asked about reading. Our newest selection is 'whatever you like'! All members are reading different titles and giving reviews to the group to spark interest in summer reading. We will close out book club next week while we prepare for the end of school. Thank you so much for allowing these 6 students to attend book club during the advisory period twice per week. With the buses running so late, we could not have accomplished this without your cooperation!

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