meal worm munchies

are mealworms on their way to becoming apart of our diet

why are mealworms so special?

the reason a mealworm is so special is because they are made up of only three main body parts, the first being the head, the second being the thorax, the third being the abdomen.this makes them much eaysier to eat

how to prepare, what you can make and how healthy they are

you can prepare a mealworm many ways these ways include boiling, cooking, frying, toasting, or baking.

a mealworm is used in many different recipes. some are muffins, tacos, chips and dip, or eaten plain.

a meal worm is very healthy. did i know that 6oz. of mealworms has 2x the protein than 6oz. of cow beef thats crazy.
unlike regular livestock mealworms take up and use less recources. Like water, food and require much less land to grow. they also produce much less greenhouse gasses then other animals