Ancient Rome

Surgery on the battlfield

The Scalpel

This was one of the most used surgical tools in ancient Rome. It was also one of the most useless tools too. The scalpel is also used today, and used in almost every type of surgery. It was/is so important because it makes incisions on the human body and are capable of digging out wounds too.

Bone Tools

One of the tools they used was a bone lever. It was used to lever bones into place (also teeth). Another tool used was the bone forceps. It was used to remove parts of the skull.

The third bone tool is the bone drill, used to remove objects from the skull (arrows, diseased tissue, etc.). The last tool is the bone hook, used to raise blood vessels or to lift small pieces of tissue.

Some bone tools


Colton Porter

Surgery on the battlefield

Surgery was done by skilled specialists and patients had a high survival rate. Many techniques are still used today. Though they had different ways of doing things at times. On the battlefield, they would leave injured soldiers and come back to them after the fight. The ones that were helped didn't have the greatest survival rate since they would wait.

Atlantic Records

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars by Atlantic Records