Animal Abandonment

By: Kellan Lynch

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If you have ever wondered how you could help your community you can do it by reading this article. I will have information about volunteering, animal abandonment, and how you can help.


When you volunteer you're helping your community and your yourself. People who volunteer multiple times are more likely to get a job then someone who hasn't volunteered before. You can volunteer in many ways. You can vounteer for animals in the forest, volunteer for animal shelters, or vounteer for homeless shelters. I have volunteered for animals in the forest once it was really fun, you should try it for yourself. Just watch out for the poison ivy!

Animal Abandonment

Animal abandonment can be done for cruelty, science, torture, or because the pet or animal can not be cared for anymore. But even if you can't take care of an animal anymore it doesn't mean you abandon it. You should turn it to an animal shelter if you can no longer care for your pet. But when people do it for torture and for science it's one hundred percent cruel. "If you want to test cosmetics why test it on a poor animal that hasn't done anything to you." -Ellen DeGeneres

How to Help

You can help all of these causes by doing your best to stop them. You should try and get friends and family to help you. You could also create community fundraisers, or create clubs to spread the cause and inform people about it, or you can get money to give to the organizations.

Why you should help

One thing you should know when you help your community is that you're doing something good for everyone and also yourself. So next time you do something good just know you are doing something good.
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