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October 9, 2015

Supervision This Week! Cheetah

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BYOD Requirement for all Students

Be aware of an additional update regarding the BV Middle School Registration Process that will impact every student and staff member.

There was no parent sign off for BYOD usage. BYOD forms will need to be collected and a plan is being drafted in Leadership this week. Continue usage of the BYOD device until 10/16/15 as we have. After this date, if no form is on file BYOD will not be an option for these students.

More coming soon.

Notes for the Week of October 12

  • This week is SPIRIT WEEK

  • Multiple Walk Throughs / Visits occurring this week

  • October 12 - Girls BB Tryouts3:00 - 5:00

  • October 13 - Girls BB Tryouts 3:00 - 5:00

  • October 13 - Band/Choir Concert (pictures beforehand) @ 7:00 PM for 7/8
  • October 14 - Girls BB Tryouts 3:00 - 5:00
  • October 14- FB
  • October 14 - CAPS tour
  • October 15 - Facilities Walk Through
  • October 16 - PD guidance from Kelly Ott email
  • October 19 - Red Ribbon Week
  • October 19 - PSAT in Eighth Grade (AM)
  • October 20 - TAG Fieldtrip

Safety Awareness

  • Confirm you have Emergency Preparedness Kits (Blue Bags) in your classroom. If not, or if it needs updating, contact Kelsa
  • If you have not updated your emergency information w/ Kelsa in August, she will be in touch

Sixth Grade Overview



  • Order of Operations

  • Distributive Property

  • Order of Operations/Distributive Property AOL on Wednesday, October 14th

  • Prime Time Investigations 1-3 AOL on Wednesday, October 14th (Pope’s Hr. 2 ONLY)


  • Ratios

  • Equivalent Fractions


  • Figurative Language Review

  • Introduction to Socratic Seminars

  • Continue with Text Set: The Gold Rush

  • Figurative Language AOL on Tuesday, October 13th


  • Continue with Unit 3: History of the Earth

Social Studies

  • Hammurabi’s Code DBQ

Guided Study for Week

  • CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

  • A Reading lesson will be implemented support the core classes in all Guided Studies this week.

  • Study Island work to reinforce reading skills

  • We will continue to reinforce organization with both the binder and locker.


Social Studies: Our next AOL will be Chapter 3 on October 20.

Chapter 3 Lesson 2: Culture - with an AFL next week and Cornell Notes daily.


Topics: Research Project in ELA & Reading

AOLs: Last Three Signposts AOL & Elements of Fiction Retake Opportunity on Tuesday, October 13


Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic -Review of Distributive Property with emphasis on equivalent expressions. Review of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing of rational numbers.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic - We will begin our new book Accentuate the Negative. In this unit, we will learn operations with integers, properties of numbers, and inequalities.

Science: AOL on Oct 13. Ongoing review of Cell Theory and GREW CREW at home will help!

Guided Study 7th Grade:

7th grade Guided Study students are reflecting on progress on goals and adjustments they need to make for 2nd quarter. Please ask them about progress and help them be accountable to adjustments as we work our way through to Winter Break!


Social Studies:

Continuation of Strike Week with projects due Wednesday. Ch. 15-Immigration discussion. Immigration Day will be Oct. 19. Unit 2 AOL is set for Oct. 23!


Outsiders Theme Development Paper: finishing rough drafts and peer edits, begin typing. Mini-Lesson: Commas and other Common Essay Errors. Unit 1 Online Test. Collecting first-quarter reading logs.


Integrated Algebra 8th Grade -

Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday. Target Zero AOL Q1 will be Tuesday. We will then continue with operations using rules of exponents and scientific notation.

Wade’s 2nd hr Math -

Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday. Target Zero AOL Q1 will be Tuesday. We will then continue with Pythagorean Theorem.

Algebra I

Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday. Target Zero AOL Q1 will be Tuesday. We will then continue with writing equations for non-linear data using linear models.


Energy AOL coming Oct 14th (Sifers) and 15th (Burton).

Guided Study:

8th grade Guided Study students are reflecting on progress on goals and adjustments they need to make for 2nd quarter. Please ask them about progress and help them be accountable to adjustments as we work our way through to Winter Break!

Sprucing Up the Place - October 28, 29

Thank you to the Boy Scouts, organized by the Shepherd Family will be volunteering to clean up the grounds October 28 and 29.

Be aware that a large number of scouts (many PSM students) will be pitching in during conferences.

We often have offers to volunteer ... if you see a need, let Leadership know and we can access our community resources.

October 14 - Leadership Agenda as of 10.9.15

  • Attendance Process / Accountability
  • KAP Schedule Ready
  • Conference Nuts and Bolts (MAP, KAP data ready)
  • BYOD Permission Process
  • Johnson County Library Author Visit
  • Student Supervision
  • National History Bee Coming to PSM
  • Overdue Book Notice Process
  • Sub Coverage Updates
  • Safety Updates
  • Locker Decorating
  • Red Ribbon Week Reminder
  • MAP Data Questions - send to Leadership by 10/16 to prepare for 10/27 PD
  • October 30th Stangl Party has been moved to the Spring

Student Teaching Interest?

...share with Sigg ASAP.

Next Week PD Link / Information in One Spot

Student Independence is Coming ... Wanna Be Ready? Come October 21, 2015

Student Independence PD

  • Designed for general education teachers, special educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators. PDC points or paraprofessional inservice hours will be awarded for attendance.
  • Hilltop Conference Center Room C 4:00 - 5:00

It Takes a Village: How Do We Work Together to Promote Student Independence?

Presenters: Jocelyn Rabbitt and Michelle Smotherman

Everyone plays a part in helping students with disabilities experience success in the classroom. General education teachers, special educators and paraprofessionals will discuss their roles and responsibilities in fostering independence for our students. Participants will gain an understanding of how to promote independence for all students.

MLP description: BV ELEM or SEC: It Takes a Village: How Do We Work Together

November 11, 2015

Examining Your Instructional Supports

Presenters: Jimmie Cosby and Lauren Gore

Have you been looking for strategies and tips to successfully include students with disabilities in your classroom? This session will focus on ideas that support all of our students but particularly those with disabilities.

MLP description: BV ELEM or SEC: Examining Your Instructional Supports

Harkness Discussion Strategy

The Harkness Discussion (or Spider Discussion) encourages idea generation and reflection.

  • Prepped by a reading assignment
  • Students sit in a circle or square
  • Teacher poses a question or gives a starter statement prompt for students to launch the conversation
  • Students bring prepared questions for what they want to know, to be shared during the discussion.
  • The Challenge: From beginning to end of the discussion, the teacher remains silent, allowing the students' voices to carry the day.
  • As students discuss the topic, the teacher silently maps the flow of conversation by drawing lines from one speaker to the next.
  • The intent is to capture who contributes and to what depth. After the conversation ends, have the students write a reflection about their understandings and takeaways. The writing provides data about the thinking by those who did not speak -- this time.

Board Meeting

Superintendent search survey open through Oct. 19

Over the last week, students, staff, parents and community members have attended focus groups and two community forums as part of the superintendent search process. These groups have shared what they view as the most important characteristics of an effective superintendent. The Blue Valley Board of Education would like to thank everyone who attended these events as hiring the superintendent of schools is the most important responsibility entrusted to a school board.

If you were not able to attend a focus group or community forum, the board would encourage you to participate in a brief and confidential online survey to identify these characteristics. The survey is available through Oct. 19 and can be found at

We value your input as we seek to hire a new superintendent and welcome you to visit the Board of Education page on the district’s website to view the complete superintendent search timeline.

As always, we appreciate your interest and commitment to Blue Valley students.


Mike Seitz

Board of Education president

Spirit Week!

Encourage classes to participate!

Mon. Oct. 12 - Preppy Day

Tues. Oct. 13 - HS (Black&Gold) Spirit Day

Wed. Oct. 14 - PJ Day

Thurs. Oct. 15 - Class Color

6th Grade – red

7th Grade – blue

8th Grade – pink

Staff – green

Thanks for your support!

Shannon & Tammi

Flu Shots This Week

Wednesday, October 14 from 6:30 am to 8:00 am in the office conference room.

E.K. Johnston Young Adult Author Visit is November 2. We need your help!

  • 2-3 names per teacher by October 16th
  • The author is E.K. Johnston
  • Visit from 11-1 on November 2nd.
  • Teacher recommended or volunteer
  • 5th & 6th hours
  • Bring their lunch to the library
  • Will talk about her books and the writing process

Great Deals for Teachers - Barnes and Noble

  • Saturday October 10th through Sunday October 18th
  • 25% off the list price on almost all books, music, movies, toys, and games
  • 10% off Café consumables
  • 10% off the current price of all Nook devices
  • The chance to register to win a $500 gift card
  • Saturday the 10th between 9am and 1pm you can also pick up some cool freebies for your classroom, have a cup a joe on me, and register to win a special to be revealed mysterious yet exciting and somewhat useful Door Prize