Teach it All with Comics

Teaching and Learning with Graphic Novels and Comics

Why should I use comics or graphic novels in my classroom?


  • Engage struggling readers - ESL/ELL, Sp.Ed., dyslexic, below grade-level readers
  • Transition from picture books to text-only books
  • Engage visual learning
  • Foster reading across the curriculum


  • Use as alternative assessment
  • Use for differentiation and modification with writing
  • Implement writing across the curriculum
  • Foster CREATIVITY and PLAY!!

Ideas for Using Published or Teacher-Created Comics

  • Journal prompts
  • Discussion starters
  • Models for student-created comics on similar topics
  • Complete blank text bubbles for ESL/ELL students
  • Arrange or complete frames to work on sequencing
  • Supplement/substitute for traditional texts for students with exceptionalities

Ideas for Student-Created Comics

Comic Creation Tools

iPad Apps

Web-Based Tools (No Log-in)

Web-based Tools (Log-in Required)