San Antonio

~ Hello Kitty ~ Abby ~


Have you ever looked for a wonderful place to vist? San Antonio can be that wonderful place beacuse, theres so many stuff to see for example, The University of Incarnate Word, the Alamo, Menger Hotel, and the Tower of The Americans.

University of Incarnetword

The University of Incarnetword is a great college, & is also a private cathlic University. Just getting there you can get a great feeling about the University.

The Alamo

When it comes to the Alamo it feels like it can take you back in time & what all happen in the old days. The Alamo also has a lot of history worked into it like what all happen in San Antonio & can deal with any research you need to do or any quetions you might have.

Menger Hotel

Dont have a house yet just looking around or even just visting? The Meneger Hotel can be a great place to stay while your in town. Its located near the Riverwalk & The Alamo. This hotel is also holding the titel of '' The most haunted hotel in Texas ''.

Tower of The Americans

Last but not least the Tower of the Americans. Its 750 foot tall, & also stands proudly on ski. Tower of the Americans can make you feel like your on top of the worldfrom observing the deck & at night you can feel all the energy from the sparkling diamond lights from the city below.

Now knowing all these places you can vist San Antonio will be a great place to vist, or even live. We also have a great basketball team.

Go Spurs Go !