Water Human

this is to help the world

a new idea

this new idea will help people breathe under water it is to help the navy attack underwater and for lots more research under water and can be used for other reasons to!
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the purpose of this organism is its DNA for breathing underwater.
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the purpose of this organism is entering the DNA from the catfish and putting it into a human so humanscan breath underwater.


GMO GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM and its definition/meaning is Since the early 1980s developments in genetic engineering have made it possible to produce genetically modified organisms. A gene from one organism is isolated and transferred to cells of another organism, where it is incorporated into the recipient's chromosomes and expressed. Such transgenic organisms can exhibit quite novel characteristics.

DNA Swap

in this project we are taking the DNA to breathe underwater from a catfish and putting that DNA into a human so the human can breath underwater and on land