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Our library is here to support staff and students in meeting educational goals. This monthly newsletter will update you on new resources and ideas that are available physically and digitally. This first edition is longer in order to update you on changes and remind you of how to access information.
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Big 6

Evaluation is the next step in the Big 6. I would love to have students self evaluate using either a Kahoot for younger students or a NearPod for older students. Do they recognize the 6 steps? How comfortable do they feel with the steps and the whole process? This would be a shorter lesson - 20 minutes. In May we can do the actual TRAILS assessment. As always, if you are doing "research" at all I am willing to come in and review the steps or assist in the process. I am also willing to help with the grading of the ELA standards that research hits.

Other Lessons???

Don't forget some lessons we have done in the past -

  • Plagairism
  • Primary sources
  • Website evaluation (Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus,etc for 4th, a fake explorer website for 5th)

Bee-Bots, Pro-Bots, etc

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers - We can use Bee-Bots to practice skill in all content areas and practice coding skills at the same time. Sign up for some times to use these in your classroom.

3rd, 4th, 5th grade teachers - You can also you Bee-Bots but you can also up the ante with Pro-Bots. Ask Mrs. McAllister or me about what we have been doing with Pro-Bots.


Many of you have heard of The Escape Room in Portland where teams work together and solves puzzles in order to escape from room in the alloted time. There is also something called BreakOut EDU which is the same concept. I was able to get a kit with bookfair money. I am developing a lesson for 4th grade on Rocks and Minerals but it can be tailored to any content and any age level. See me for details.


What is Lucy asking you to do? How can I help? Providing resources, coteaching, support?? Please let me know what you need. If you are seeing areas where welack resources please let me know so I can add things to next year's order.