Hernando De Soto

By: Emma H.

Early Life

At the age of 14, Hernando De Soto left his home in Barcarrota, Spain to sail to the West Indies with Francisco Pizarro on his very first expedition to a different part of the world. During the expedition with Pizarro, Hernando De Soto was involved in a slave trade which happened to be extremely successful.

Expedition To North America

Hernando De Soto set out from Spain on his own expedition on April 6, 1538 with 10 ships and 700 men. During the expedition, him and his crew made a brief stop in Cuba along the way and made landfall in Tampa Bay, Florida in May, 1539. Him and his crew kept traveling and exploring until they decided to set-up a camp near present-day Tallahassee.

Technology Over Time

In the past, people used to travel by boat. Now, we travel by car. Explorers in the 1500's used to travel by boat to explore or to get different places. How do you think people in the past would react to things that we do today? I think they would act surprised because what we have now is so much different from what they had back then like we have we use a gps to get places. Back then they used compasses to get different places.
Hernando de Soto - Mini Biography