Need a fun, tasty way to learn?

Try Chocolate Frogs-the delicious alternative to flashcards!

Chocolate Frogs: ON SALE NOW!

There were once many, many young witches and wizards who struggled to remember magical historical figures. They were taunted and made fun of, bullied and shunned. They went home to their mothers, and cried, for they felt too much pain and sadness to even study on werewolves.

Chocolate Frogs were the answers to their prayers! A delicious mound of chocolate crafted to look like a frog and enchanted for an added touch is what they are. Each Chocolate Frog comes with a trading card featuring a major historical figure in the Wizarding World. Who wouldn't want one?

Buy now for 1 Galleon and 3 Sickles!

Chocolate Frogs are on sale now at Honeydukes, located in the village of Hogsmeade. Each Chocolate Frog comes with one historical figure card.

Every parent with a right mind would buy a few Chocolate Frogs for their children. After all, children need a way to learn that they truly enjoy! And after learning, they have a delicious snack. Mm, tasty!

Statistically, Chocolate Frogs are the most popular treat at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Why would you go for the second-most popular, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Jelly Beans, when you could go for the most popular?

Chocolate Frogs In Action

Who WOULDN'T want a Chocolate Frog?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son's Chocolate Frog suddenly moved and began to hop away! What do I do?

A: That is perfectly normal! Chocolate Frogs even include a way for your young wizard or witch to practice casting their spells. When you open the box, hurry up and cast a binding spell before your treat gets away!

Q: Are Chocolate Frogs truly yummy?

A: Of course! Ask anybody you know, and they'll tell you that Chocolate Frogs are the best!

Q: I keep on getting the same card over and over again! Why can't I get different ones?

A: If you keep on purchasing Chocolate Frogs, you will eventually get more cards. Try to collect them all!