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2020-2021 Grades 6-8

Welcome to the Cameron Specialists Curriculum Information Newsletter!

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Art - Ms. Ghilani

In my virtual art class students will develop artistic behavior by making decisions, expressing themselves, learning art concepts, and solving problems. My goal is to provide a safe environment to foster these abilities, while building my students’ self-esteem. While being able to make choices about their work, students will navigate through trials of learning, and gain great growth opportunities. No student will be graded on artistic ability, and I will provide encouragement to all students to become artists. By teaching students to think independently through creating art, they will gain a sense of self-worth and become empowered to make decisions about the direction of their future.

Students are graded on participation, use of class time, and the final project work that they will turn in. Since online learning is new to all of us, my grading has been adjusted accordingly. If students attend Zoom meetings, participate in group work and turn in assignments on time, they will be successful in art class. The art curriculum follows the seven elements of art along with exposure to famous and local artists, including instruction and practice with different art techniques. I’m looking forward to creating beautiful things with your students!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Adrienne Ghilani

Band/Music - Mrs. Dupuis


To register for after school Band please fill out this:

CMS Band Registration Google Form.

Grade 6/Beginners will meet on Tuesdays 2:55-3:30pm on Zoom.

Grade 7/Intermediate will meet on Tuesdays 3:35-4:10pm on Zoom.

Grade 8/Advanced will meet on Thursdays 2:55-3:30pm on Zoom.

Jazz Band will meet on Thursdays 3:30-4:15pm on Zoom.

Beginner Extra Help on 2nd & 4th Tues. & All Thurs. at 2:30 on Zoom.

Music Class: "Music & It's Role In Our Lives"

This class meets 10 times over each trimester. We will explore how music plays a role in our every day lives. Focusing on SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) we will talk about how music brings comfort, joy, healing and feeling of togetherness. There are 4 assignments for this class that will be submitted on canvas. The final assignment is a composition that each student will create using chrome music lab.

Here is the October Band/Music Newsletter

Additional Band & Music information can be found on the CAMERON BAND/MUSIC WEBSITE.

Questions? E-mail:

Twitter: @kdcdmusic

Chorus/Music - Ms. Goldberg

Music and SEL: "Me, Myself, and Music"

This class meets 10 times over each trimester. We will use music as a tool to learn different SEL strategies, such as self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship building, and responsible decision making. Please watch the following VIDEO for more information on SEL and why it's important, not just in school, but in our everyday lives.

Click HERE for more information on our class goals and grading policy.

Contact information:

Email -

Website -

Instagram - @cameronchorus

Drama - Mrs. Shea

Click HERE for "Casting Yourself in Today''s World" Class details.

Questions? Email:

Health - Mrs. Roth

Each student will have Health class for one trimester out of the school year which totals about 28 classes. The Health course offers a variety of content related to the physical, social and mental health of your student and their community. Health classes promote a variety of different skills that empower students to navigate these often confusing and challenging years (i.e. decision making, goal setting, finding health resources, etc.).

To view curriculum topics and grading please go to the Cameron Health Website and select the grade of your student. You can also find information and resources to have at home health discussions with your student in the Parent/Guardian tab.

Any questions? Email me at:

Media Specialists/Library - Ms. Thompson

While the Cameron library isn't buzzing with students this year, we are still working on getting books out via curbside pick up. Stay tuned for details. Students can also access Ebooks through the Sora App or by accessing the Commonwealth EBook Collection. Here is an instructional video if students need help logging in. Families can also contact me via e-mail ( with support in accessing books for students. Finally, if you're interesting in supporting the Cameron Library, consider purchasing a book from our Amazon Wish List. You can dedicate the book to a student or staff member by including a gift memo with your order. I will put the information in a book plate inside the front cover. Thank you for your support and happy reading!

Orchestra - Mrs. Casinghino

Welcome to the Cameron Orchestra! This year students who chose the violin, viola, cello or bass will have orchestra class on Days 4 or 5 on the Cameron rotating schedule. We are fortunate that orchestra class will meet for the entire year. You will be able to learn how to tune your instrument, read notes and rhythms, learn fingerings, bowing techniques and much more! I am looking forward to teaching you many different styles of music. Please log on for each lesson so we can continue to make music together!

Mrs. Casinghino

Physical Education - Mr. DiSanto & Mr. Kelberman

Physical Education is a full year class in which students will virtually begin their individual fitness journeys. Phys Ed looks a lot different outside of the gym, as typical units and team sports cannot be done over the computer. Virtual phys ed will introduce students to basic and foundational exercises that will be delivered in a variety of different movement patterns and workouts. If students put forth their best effort, this program will successfully create a solid fitness foundation for a lifetime. The grading process relies heavily on participation. This means students knowing what # day it is, entering class on time, and staying engaged throughout the duration of class. It helps tremendously if students’ cameras are ON during class. Some examples of written work may include discussion type questions on canvas, journal entries, or activity logs. I believe in this program and the benefits it will provide for Cameron’s students, especially with the recent change to much more sedentary lifestyles.

The name of the online program we are using is Plt4m. I take the content from Plt4m’s website and add it to each canvas PE class to deliver it to students.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out:

We have started Intro to Fitness. Click Here to learn more

Physical Education - Mr. Kelberman

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email:

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