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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

March 18, 2016

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If you haven't yet scheduled your child's Spring Parent/Teacher Conference, please use the link below. We look forward to meeting with our families and sharing your child's story of learning.

March is Reading Month- March Reading Madness

Guest Reader: Our 3rd graders were very lucky to have Representative Jim Tedder come read to them on Friday. He read them two stories and answered questions about his job, the government and himself.

Pajama Read-in: Also on Friday, readers got cozy with a book, popcorn and their pajamas!

Leader of the Week - Johnathan

Our next Leader of the Week and class President is Johnathan.

Thank you Ceci for your leadership this past week and continue to lead on this week as our class Vice-President!

Reading- Poetry

Unit 5 Poetry: Readers became detectives this week and searched poems for rhyme, rhythm and other unique literary devices that make poetry sound and feel magical. Readers did a great job investigating poems!

On St. Patrick's day, readers read poems celebrating the day! We had a great time reading about mischievous leprechauns, Irish culture and the traditions of the holiday.

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Ask your reader to tell you what kinds of literary devices they have found in poems. Challenge them to elaborate their explanation to detail what each device looks like/means.

Writing- Persuasive Essay

Unit 3 Persuasive Writing: Writers are wrapping up their final draft of their persuasive essay. Writers wrote their final draft on fancy paper and made sure to use their best handwriting and sound very knowledgeable about their topic in order to persuade others. I am very happy with how these are turning out! Good job, writers :)

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Have your writer tell you how they are doing with drafting their final copy of their essay. Are they still working on a rough draft, are they almost complete or is their final copy already turned in?

Word Study- TEST Thursday, March 24

This week students got their new sort. Students completed a open sort independently and as a word study group did a closed sort. Groups also played a fun game to practice their words. Each group had a different card game which ranged from memory, sentence creations and an Uno themed to name a few.

Since we do not have school on Friday, March 25 we will be having our word study test a day earlier next week. Make sure to practice at home!

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Ask your student to explain what patterns they are noticing in their new sort.

Science - Sound - Bring in Recycled Materials by Wednesday

Physical Science - Sound

For the most part, our instruments have been created. We will be creating our "music videos" next week to demonstrate our understanding of volume and pitch by creating organized sound (music) with other band members.

Science Home Learning Conversation: Have your scientist describe how he/she can demonstrate volume and pitch with his/her instrument.

Social Studies - Plastic Trinkets Needed for Monday

Thanks for your purchases of our Dolphin Pod products. They learned much about economy principles through this project.

Our next unit will focus on early Michigan history.

Economy Home Learning Conversation: Ask your entrepreneur about their production team experience this week.

Math - Telling Time

Unit - Telling Time

We have completed our Measurement of Time unit. We will be moving on to investigate perimeter and area. More information to come...

Math Home Learning Conversation: Have a conversation with your mathematician about how measurement of time influences his/her daily life.

Leader in Me- Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Than to be Understood

Leaders worked on understanding their classmates this week. They were asked to brainstorm what a good classmate is, says, does and does not do. After leaders brainstormed on their own we came together as a class and make a chart of all of our thoughts. This chart is displayed on our door so we can remember every time we see if that those are the ideas of our classmates and their expectations for us.

Leaders also began to work on their personal mission statement. They answered brainstorm questions that included what is the most important habit to them, what do they want to contribute to SPE, what do they want to continue doing well and what do they need to work on. They then drafted a mission statement of one or two sentences.

Leader in Me Home Learning Connection: Ask your leader who they said they would focus on listening to more this month. Challenge them to explain how they are going to listen more effectively.