Global warming

It can ruin our world

What is global warming?

It is a issue that is making our world heat up, this destroys animal habitats such as polar bears. Also animals have died because of a drouth caused by global warming. Today animal species are increasing but their habitats are decreasing, so it is a global problem for us.

How is this a global issue?

In the name it says global & in all continents this is happening, so this is a global issue.

How does this effect us?

We should be concerned because we're the main problem! We are the people that let out the green house gases into the air that causes this. Today we need to try not to do this & put this problem to an end. All people need to help because this will ruin our world. If you want to ruin our world stop reading now because you are just wasting energy. So please try to help in any way that you can. Thanks for reading!