Hawk Weekly

October 2nd

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Hawk Update 10/1/2020

Tech Assistance

Mrs. Wolf, our media center teacher, will be available at various times throughout the week for tech assistance, working with students on how to submit assignments, and any other areas that our students may need help. If you feel your child would benefit from Mrs. Wolf touching base with them for a small group teams meeting, please feel free to reach out to her at holly.wolf@uticak12.org.
Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Zeig would like to provide some support for our students as well. If you feel your child would benefit from a one on one or small group TEAMS meeting to walk your child through understanding an aspect of technology (powerpoint, teams meetings, flip grid, etc..) please email them at: angela.zeig@uticak12.org or nicole.reynolds@uticak12.org
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