Northwood Notes

Royal Oak Schools: A Community of Excellence

Week of 9.18.16


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

Curriculum Night

Parents had positive comments about the evening and we had good participation. Thank you for making it an informative night for parents and sharing your school 2016-17 school year notes with them.

Constitution Day Lessons

I walked in on a couple of discussions Friday. Thank you for getting that done!

Remind 101

With most items on the calendar I have not been using this feature but I am going to do a trial and see if it has positive feedback.

It will allow me to periodically send out reminders via text message.

What do you need to do?

Already in are: Beistline, Leitzel, Hughes, Land, Christian, Sebastian, Bath, Burton, Campbell, Gonzales, Fritz, Matynka

Simply text @mrsashbu to the number 81010If you have trouble text @mrsashbuto 248-918-2167


Chromebook Carts

Look for a new and improved system as soon as we get the last cart in. We will be renumbering them and getting them to each grade level. Your team will be responsible for the cart, key, and ancillary components. Details to follow. I think it will be an improvement.

I would like to to thank individuals for coming to me with ideas and frustrations so I was aware and so that I could brainstorm with L. Till and P. Hanson.


New Lunch Policy From Chartwells

Lunch Charge Policy: Students of Royal Oak Schools (grade K-5) may charge one lunch or breakfast. They are required to repay the charge back on the next school day. If a student has an outstanding charge they will be offered an alternate meal consisting of a SunButter and jelly sandwich, a piece of fruit, a vegetable and a milk and will be charged $2.50 for this lunch or $1.25 for breakfast. No Ala Carte purchases can be made while a balance is due.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please make sure you let parents know how to sign up and get something out to them in the next week. In the Curriculum Night note I indicated teachers would be letting parents know how to sign up. Several of you use Sign Up Genius which is great because it is electronic and sends out a reminder. If you need assistance please see me. The times are 4-7 (ends at 7). Do not schedule a meeting a 7. The dates are 11/17, 11/21. 11/29.

The goal is to have 100% of students represented.

If you have any concerns the conference should not be the first time parents hear about the concern. Communication is important. Thank you.

Family Picnic

This was one of the largest turnouts I can remember. It was a great get to know you evening with parents and students enjoying a pot luck dinner, inflatable, balloon artist, and snow cones!

It was nice to see Linda, Danielle and Keith representing the staff. I noticed last year that between the staff we had representation at most events. Thanks for attending events that you can throughout the year!

Online Registration Closed on Friday; Lyndsay will complete Med/Allergy List

Lindsay is working with Angie Smith to get a readable version to you, almost there. You can see the alerts in MiStar (look at red exclamation point and click on it).
Curriculum and Instruction Newsletter: Assessments

Please follow the calendar links and carefully note due dates.

Assessment Calendar/DRA Subs

Remember that we need a two week notice. You must complete a Professional Development Form. Prior to submitting check the calendar to make sure you have no conflicts. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided. Once I approve I will put it on the gmail calendar. It will be sent to the Board Office for approval. You will get the form back once final approval is given. If there is a conflict or multiple people sign up for a day a note will be given to you asking you to choose another date. You will be responsible for putting into Aesop for a sub. Do this as soon as possible.

First Drill This Week

Please review procedures with students. You can practice your route if your would like to.

Please make sure your binder is updated. Do not put the new pages in the front pocket. Questions, need help, just come to the office or email, we will help. New signs were distributed to rooms that had door number changes. Remember the door numbers were reconfigured last year. THANKS for hanging your new sign if your door number changed. Please make sure you have the correct emergency signs in your room. Questions, please ask.

Network Login Report - DEADLINE FRIDAY 9.23

From Angie Smith:

Just to let you know, currently teachers has access to view and save or print the Network Login Report. This report shows the network usernames and passwords.

They remove access on 9/23/16 for security purposes.

Also, office staff cannot print the report or view it without first impersonating a teacher again for security purposes.

So, you may want to ask your teachers to save the report for their classes to a file so that they have them because after 9/23 we won't be able to access them.

Here's a reminder of the steps to generate the report.......

Click New Applications



Choose the "Network Login Report"

Click Export Report

Open the excel file

Click Enable Editing (at the top)

Save or print the report

"Thank you!"

Northwood Staff Calendar

This calendar has dates for staff that are not on the building calendar. You will want to access this calendar. Items that are on the Northwood Building Calendar will not be on this calendar. The Building Calendar can be viewed by the public. You should all have access as I shared the calendar with staff. You will see it in your Google calendar under "other calendars". If you cannot see it let me know.
Northwood Building Calendar

This is the Northwood Public Calendar. Public events will not be duplicated on the Staff Calendar. You will want to access this calendar.

PBIS Matrix

Review the matrix, teach lessons, and practice. Include Bully Lessons!