Zeus: God of the Gods

Joe Gliesman

God of the Gods

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Zeus' Early Life

Zeus' father, Cronos, was warned by a prophecy that his children were to become more powerful than him. Knowing this information, Cronos swallowed all of his children. Cronos' wife deceived him and saved Zeus. Zeus became fully grown in one year and returned to his father to kill him. After Zeus killed his father Zeus was considered the God of Gods.


Zeus lead the Gods in many wars. Some wars he lead were the war with the Titans, the war with Typhon, the war with the Giants, and the war with the Aloads. He was successful in war and was a great heroic figure in battle.
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Zeus' Powers and Titles

Zeus was arguably the most powerful God, he had many different powers and titles. Zeus was given the power of the lightning bolt, he could throw lightning at his foes. Zeus, like most Gods, was massive and had a strong build. Zeus also, had many different titles. Zeus was called the God of Gods, the God of the Sky, the God of Man, the God of Weather, the Fate of Men and Nations, Law, Justice, and Moral Conduct.


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